Wednesday, August 12, 2015

FansProject “Lost Exo Realm” TFcon LER-02D CUBRAR (Exclusive Diaclone Version) and Tekour not Transformers Generation 1 Dinobot Slag review

So there I was happily playing with my Cubrar figure. Taking pics throwing his Axe-master against the wall hoping he would meld into the concrete wall when I get that ping! Someone has replied to your post from the Facebooks.

"Great Review! Are you getting the Diaclone version?"

Diaclone? Did he Say DIA -FREAKING- CLONE!!!

 Wait what you say? Diaclone version? Heresy, there is no such thing!!  Stop mocking me with my dream figures!! Ahh how wrong I was. A quick "OK Google" search and behold FansProject TFcon LER-02D CUBRAR (Exclusive Diaclone Version) $199.99 cents plus shipping. I guess my mind blocked it out like it does with most overpriced Convention EXCLUSIVE figures. So I went my merry way hopscotching with Cubrar in hand!! Lalalala.... Then a pm message appeared on my screen "Hey if you need the Diaclone figure I have it for Trade"

So after several messages and threat to send my son's chinchillas a deal was hammered out.

So lets see what this figure is all about:

Beast Mode

My name is Slag dammit!!

Cubrar is well a triceratops just like well uhh Cubrar. The devil is in the details or in this case paint apps. Where the retail release had the red and gold G1 Dinobot Slag colors going, this figure has gold and blue. The triceratops horns have also been changed to a silver vacuumized chrome. The dinosaurs head has also been vacuumized in gold chrome. I have to say these chrome bits really make this figure pop. Since it is a repaint all the same articulation points from my Cubrar review .

Slag go that way

Feed me Steak with A-1 Sauce!!

Robot Mode

Me Slag's cousin Flamingo!

 Diaclone Cubrar has a different color motif than the retail version. Most of his red pieces are now a dark blue color. I really like this color scheme on this transformer. It makes him feel like a different character over all. Add in the great articulation and it is a win over all. The figure does have a waist turn but it is hindered by the dino tail if locked in place.

Me Flamingo like to shoot Decepticons!

Die Gobot scum!!


Diaclone Cubrar comes with a red bladed translucent sword and 2 guns. The red blade really pops against the blue body of the dinobot. The over sized guns fit the hulking robot look as well. What's nice is the fact that all his weapons can be stored on his body. No loose weapons to get lost to worry about here.

Flamingo want to go to movies!! 
Pay for me little Human!!

Where line to see the man of ants!!

Diaclone Rider

Here is the first major difference from the retail release. This version came with a diaclone rider.  The retail version came with a weaponmaster aka soleron. I have to say the yellow and grey diaclone rider is 100% better than the weakly attempted weaponmaster. I really hope Fansproject releases a 5 pack of these little guys. Add in the fact that they have magnetic feet like their predecessors and it is overall win all the way around.

Weaponmasters have nothing on me!!

Walk this way!!

Dance this way!! Just give me a kiss!!

Whoa, man it's like the whole world is upside down!!


 Ok this figure is simply put a repaint. While it is a great figure overall it doesn't stop the fact that it is an OVERPRICED repaint. While I understand it is a TFcon exclusive that doesn't explain the huge price increase on this figure. The diaclone pilot is really cool but doesn't add enough to quantify the huge price for the figure. If you are a regular collector who has no connection to Autobot Slag easy pass. If Slag is one of your favorites well I still say pass unless you must have every Slag ever produced. Now again I do hope they make a 5 pack of the diaclone pilots available for purchase.

Dude!! It was supposed to be a MUST buy.

I am the Champion my friend!!

Uhh Flamingo your feet stink!!

Time to make a predacon shish-kabob

I rather die than watch Fantastic four remake!!

Which way did the insecticons go Paco Bob?

Me Flamingo dancing!!