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Headrobots - Hothead - Headmaster Head add on kit for Transformers Universe Autobot hardhead

I have always wondered about these headmaster kits. Are they worth the taking apart of your toy? Are they worth the repurchase of another figure just to put a new head and a few weapons on him? I was always on the fence and didn't really want to pay the green they asked on some of them. So when a bud of mine really needed some cash and had both the body and the head kit I decided to take the chance.

What's included

The pack comes with 3 guns, a headmaster robot, and a green box to connect the items to the figure. Lets check them out.

The Headmaster Robot

The headmaster comes in light grey with green arms. His very hard to see face is molded in an off yellow. Now this little guy does have some articulation but not much. His arms and legs are on a ball joint . His knees sorta bend but not much.

In head mode he does hit the G1 motif . His eyes are what can be assumed a light piping aspect but it doesn't work when placed on the figure. Which is odd because there is a light that goes off on the Universe figure that should light this head up. The mouth plate on the head mode is also a molded piece.

Now while I have to say the molded mouth pieces on both modes is very cool. But the little guy feels off. The quality and feel of the plastic does not feel not very strong or sturdy almost to the point where it feels cheap. Like a piece of chocolate from the dollar store I get afraid that this piece will melt in my hand not in my mouth. Now I may be exaggerating a bit but you get the drift. Looks good but bad plastic.

The Handguns

These too hit that g1 look of the original figure they were based from. But unlike its G1 counterpart these do not feel sturdy. If you drop them they sound hollow. headrobots probably did this to save on the cost of plastic. These feel like the stuff that come with the cheap $5 robots they sell at the local dollar general.

The Shoulder Cannon

Like the other 2 guns this cannon feels light but slightly sturdier plastic wise. It also hit's the g1 aspect and look. The cannon  is also very hollow and really suffers from the decision to do that.

The Box

This box is used to connect the weapons on to the hasbro figure in vehicle mode and robot mode. The plastic is of a different variety of plastic and feels sturdy yet cheap at the same time. To use it it must be split apart to connect it to the bot. It is very difficult to separate it apart and mine actually formed stress marks from it.

See the stress mark?

This does not give me much confidence in its longevity for sure.

On the Bot

 Well after all of that lets take a look how the kit looks on the Universe action figure.

I am here to take your beer and drink your women!! 

Ok wait. I got it this time. 
I am here to make love to your cattle and slaughter your women?

Works and looks pretty well in my opinion. The head looks the right size and so do the weapons. Appearance wise it works well.

On the Vehicle

With the help of the box the weapons can be placed on the vehicle. I have to say they work. They don't look odd or out of place. The colors match the vehicle very well. The weapons don't look odd or out of place.

"That kid at the Taco Bell window better not screw up MY order up! AGAIN!!"

In an added extra the headmaster fits inside the vehicle as a driver. Which is very cool. You can't close the door down due to space restraints for those of you who are wondering.

The figures size works well against the vehicle as well. He doesn't look oversized or tiny against it. He looks like he belongs to the vehicle and not an add on part.

 "Someone give me a push or it's gonna get ugly!!!"


The set works. In the end it really works. I was very surprised with that. The colors are close enough and they make the character look like it's an updated version of it's G1 Hasbro counterpart. But I can't honestly say it's worth the $40 it will run you on Ebay or the $31 it cost when it first came out on retail. The plastic quality and the fact that each piece seem to be made in a different plastic really hurt this add on kit. They feel like they got a bunch of left over pieces from different quality wise figures and put them all together to make the set. There is no continuity on the plastics of this set which is weird. Overall the look works but the price and quality doesn't.

Look Ma!! Im Dancing! Im Dancing!!
We are fam-i-ly!! All my brothers ,sisters and me!!

Toxitron: "OK, you won, I get it, but must your foot right there? Owww"

Better run, you punk ass Decepticon!!

Head off

Head off

Head off

 "Well, screw this. Wonder what's on T.V? Maybe 2 Fat Guys in the Morning?!? "

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