Sunday, October 7, 2012

Transformers Prime Iron Hide Guest Review By The Man with the Master Plan Dave U.

Transformers Prime Ironhide Review
By Little Big Dave aka Davestator
Specialty: Heavy Munitions
Ironhide is always ready for Anything, as long as "ANYTHING" involves a fight. Surly, Tough, and Spoiling for Battle Ironhide has made a career out of Blasting Decepticons to pieces. His Laser-Proof armor makes him a Tough Opponent for even the most Powerful Warriors.

By now the Transformers have seen so many incarnations that I suppose it was inevitable that some of those incarnations would start to bleed together.  In this case, I have long thought of the new TF Prime series as an amalgamation of Transformers Animated, the movie line, and a hint of G1.  Today's review is of a figure that seems to blend in more of the G1 look with the movie figures, and that is the Autobot known as Ironhide:

While there is no mistaking the movie influence with his heavy duty pickup truck alt mode, In the movie he was a Chevy Topkick, but this one is more suggestive of a Dodge Ram, albeit with a few creative liberties taken.
The bot mode is clearly G1 derived, as can be observed by a closer look at the face and the "window pane chest" look:

I can just hear him growling "when are we going to start busting Deceptichops?"
The weapons are pretty much directly inspired from the movie.  You have 2 good sized cannons that can be wielded either as 2 separate guns or merged together to form one gigantic mega cannon that looks as if it could give Megatron's fusion cannon a run for the money!

Ideally, in truck mode, I think they look best separated and attached to the bed, as pictured in photo one, but they can also be mounted to the doors as well.
Now the transformation process is not especially difficult, save for the fact that you have to swivel just the shoulder/arm assembly and head to rotate around.  This can be a pain since the way the hood transforms into shoulders can get in the way of that.  And of course, this figure is ball jointed which also makes for its own set of headaches, especially since the arms, which form the roof and doors in truck form, tend to be a bit complicated.  The tires have to be rotated one way after rotating the arm assemblies each a different direction.

  But all in all, I have to say this figure is worth the purchase.  He does snap solidly into place in truck mode, and the bot mode has a very commanding presence as Ironhide should.  Most of all, I really like the facial expression as well as the quintessential window panel chest look.  Good range of posability and the added weapon options help make this figure worth buying.  Definitely get him if you get the chance!