Sunday, July 12, 2015

Takara Tomy Transformers Adventure Robot in Disguise Roadblock Loadblock Review

 As I was going through Amazon looking at all the pretty figures I can't afford I ran into a group of repaints Tomy Takara put out for their Transformers Adventures line. Unlike Hasbro Takara decided to use repaints to build out the selection available for the new Robots in Disguise show. The repaints came from Transformers Prime, Transformers Animated, Transformers Generations and of course Robots in Disguise 2015.  Usually I am not a fan of repaints. Hasbro and their Transformers Club just don't do them right for the most part. But when I saw the Autobot Scoop recolor Roadblock I knew he must be purchased.

Vehicle Mode

Roadblock is a light green and purple excavator. His 4 large tires make this construction vehicle look rugged and ready to plow down any enemy Autobot in its way. In the roll tests this decepticon went 3 feet before swerving to the right each time. The scoop on the vehicle can't hold too much weight. I was able to put in his Targetmaster and a legends class figure for a few seconds before it buckled due to the weight. So no sand castle building for this robot. The head of the robot shows in the cab of the vehicle's excavator mode which is freaking hilarious. Overall the vehicle mode passes and the new color seems more believable than scoop's color motif.

You know that big wheel keep on turning

And we're rolling, rolling, rolling yeah

Robot Mode

 The colors really work on this Decepticon. He has a strong Constructicon feel to him. The designers really put some thought into this action figure's articulation. His head, shoulders, and hips are all on ball joints. There is a mushroom swivel joint in his upper arms and thighs. His arms have an in and out elbow and knee joint. There is an extra joint behind the shin on his leg that allows the toy  more standing and posing options. A running or dancing pose is really easy for this guy.

What do you mean you lost my luggage!!

Say hello to Robledo de las Flores dos Noches de La Manana Rodriguez the 3rd!!

Say Hello Dammit!!

Don't hate me cause I'm a Sexy Biatch !!


 Roadblock comes with 1 weapon.  This little guy is named "Targetmaster" and is pretty cool. Yes, his name bites a big one but the figure works. I think I will name him Robledo de las Flores dos Noches de La Manana Rodriguez the 3rd instead. I double dog dare you to say that 5 times fast. The dark grey and purple colors are right for the bot he backs up. His articulation is limited to his arms on a ball joint but this is to be expected due to his size.

Robledo de las Flores dos Noches de La Manana Rodriguez the 3rdanator pistol. 
Cherries and Tabasco available for an extra $279,897.96564.786
Available at all WallyMartinez stores Now! Oh never mind the Just solded out!!

Please Ignore the head on the bottom of this weapon.
Nothing to see there Folks!

I'm a Tough SOB!! My momma says so.

Raise your arms if you use deodorant. 


 I really like this figure. The colors work and it feels like a new character. The articulation and playability of this Destron is high and enjoyable. While I wish he had 2 weapons I can deal with it. I don't feel bad paying the $25 that I did. Heck I'd pay it again. This is one purchase that has hit all cylinders for my collection. I can easily recommend this bot. I'd recommend him before Scoops to be honest.

Super Excavator Mode Activate!!

I can't see where I am going damn it!!

I am the scoop below your feet.

Uhh... your crotch is on my head!!

I will mess you up!!