Sunday, December 6, 2015

Takara Tomy Dispensor AD11 Transformers Movie Advanced Series Review

SO there I was watching the weather report like I do EVERY night

My lovely wife out of the blue decided it would be a good time for me to do another review. I guess she hates the mention of rain?So up today is Dispensor, or is it Disenser?  I know!  Let's look at his bio, shall we?

So I guess both??!?  Dispensor is a repaint of transformers Payload. He is Takara/Tomy's answer to the soda water machine that came to life in the first Transformers movie, except he's a truck.. When I first saw this figure online I just felt the need to play with it. I am sure we have all had that feeling of "I just gotta play with those" before:

So let's check out this Decepticon, shall we?

Vehicle Mode

If you climb on top of my roof 
you can buy yourself a smooth whiplash soda water for $5.

 Dispensor is a green delivery truck with Mood Whiplash soda advertising all over it, albeit a soda truck with a battering ram bumper!!While it makes sense on a decepticon I doubt any humans would find it as norm.

Run Coke Vendor!! Run!!

On top of the truck, there is a soda dispenser so that you too can get your can of Mood Whiplash citrus soda, the soda with kick....and possibly small robot bits.  It's a shame that the truck can not stand upright for the figure to be used as a soda machine. Maybe a stand of some sort could have been added?  

Available in 14 flavors!!

Makes me wish Toyhax (aka Reprolabels) would make some Mountain Dew and Dr. Pepper labels for this bad boy.  I mean we all know that's who they were shooting for when they designed it. The vehicle mode of this bot works. It looks good and surprisingly  it rolls quite well. On the roll test it went a good 3 ft before I threw a pillow at it to stop it. 

Robot Mode

You wish you had Panel wings like me.

 Dispenser has BACK!! When I saw him on Amazon the product picture looked all cool and compact. I noticed he arrived packaged in truck mode. Once transformed a big pole stuck in his uhhh back showed it's evil face. Ahh, you have to love Photoshopped product pictures!  Aren't they grand?

This bot is an accident waiting to happen. Turns around and knocks out 14 decepticons. Kinda like my aunt Flacca who knocks down any stuff at desk level when she turns..... This pole has a second usage, it becomes his attacking Claw Pole of DEAAAAATTTHHHH. 

Come on we almost got that teddy bear that time.

I guess I can understand it, but honestly, is it really needed? Do you really need a bot that reminds you of Spaceballs (4 stars Great Movie)?

Articulation wise Dispensor has a swiveled head, upper arm joint, and waist. His shoulders and hips are on a ball joint. He also bends at both his knees and elbows. All which add up to a pretty articulated figure. If only it wasn't hindered by that slagging pole. Thank God he comes with an awesome soda water can cannon to make all his issues disappear......

So Autobot, Diet or Regular can of Destruction?

I've fallen and that pole stuck in more.....whimper.....


Well at least I got him on clearance. This action figure is ok, would be close to perfect if it didn't have that stinking pole. In the end, (get what I did there?) it doesn't add enough for it to be in there.  It's a hinderance to the figure.  Now I do wish Reprolabels would make replacement can stickers for this figure, but we are still also waiting on our Impossible Toys Bumblebee set stickers. It really is a good figure that the designers messed up by trying to add too much. Sometimes less is more people less is more.... Honestly you wouldn't miss too much if you pass on this toy.

I give him 3 Carltons

Want one get him here!

Ok this is not a side effect from drinking 
Mood Whiplash Cola!

You talking to me?

Eat Can scum!!

Can't take this pole anywhere!

 And now back to the weather....

"Mood Whiplash Cola gives me pep in my step and that extra bounce 
I need to get through my day!"