Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Unique toys 3rd party Transformer Violence / (not hasbro decepticon Rampage) Warlord/ Predaking review

Well folks #4 is finally here. Well actually he's been here just waiting on a foot. Violence/Rampage is in the building. I actually ordered from overseas to get this figure. Why? Mostly to save $12 plus shipping. It took longer to get here but that's cool. It also made the purchase a little easier to accept.

Rampage came in the same packaging as his fellow Warlord team. I have to say they did tie down the main figure this time around. Unfortunately the same couldn't be said about his weapons. They were loose in the box and a little scraped up. I don't know if this was due to transit but the looseness of the wires on the weapons did not help.

Beast Mode

Violence is a Tiger. An orange and red tiger with gold highlights. Now he does look a bit skinny in this mode. But thats just due to the animal model used. Other 3rd party figures of this character have the same skinny look so its to be expected. Violence does have a lot of articulation in his beast mode which really helps in the poses you can create as can be seen in these pics:

 The back hip has a swivel joint which allows the hind legs to move back and forth. Add the hinged joints on the tiger's knees and ball joints on the claws and the number of poses are increased. The tiger's head is also on a swivel joint. One issue with my figure is that when the beast's Front Left Leg/robot's right arm is in a forward position the ball joint becomes weak and the leg is loose. A simple fix I know, just letting you folks know.

I want a HUG!!!

Robot Mode

Violence really does have that G1 Predacon rampage look and feel. Just an updated one. Points of articulation on this toy include head swivel, ball jointed arms and hips, swivel jointed upper arms, waist, and upper thighs. He also has knee joints and double jointed elbows.

You can actually get quite a few poses with this toy.
Whatcha Looking at!!!


Violence comes with a bunch of weapons. They include shoulder blasters that can come off and become handguns.

He comes with a sword like all his other teammates. One nice touch is the fact that there is a slit in the middle of the sword you can see through.

Violence also comes with the Warlord's main weapon.
Say Hello to my little friend!

The weapon breaks down to 5 different guns that can be used by the Warlord team.

The weapons can be tabbed into Violence's shoulders as well.

Violence also comes with the giant hand piece for Overlord.


Well with all the descriptions above you would figure this is one of the best figures put out in a while. Unfortunately he doesn't really fall in that category. Violence has a weaker plastic used then most 3rd party figures. This hip joints are actually of a different material and miscut a bit so it makes it difficult to turn his legs.

 My figure also had 2 right feet.

Problem with that is that there is a notch cut out on the feet that allow the giant arm of Warlord to slot into place properly when in arm mode. This Quality Control issue thus makes my figure unable to snap together tightly. Now I was told by the seller that they would send me a left foot. Seeing as its has now been a while since I was told that I am starting to doubt it.

Add in the poor paint apps and the shoulder ball joint issue and this guy falls down the totem pole pretty fast. Which is really sad cause it had the right ideas just failed to meet them. Add in the $90 price tag and it becomes an easy pass for most toy or robot collectors. Personally I will get the last figure in this action figure line for three reasons.
1. I have the 4 already released
2. They have the closest G1 feel to them then the others being released.
3. I doubt I would get what I paid for them back if I did sell them.

3 weak reasons I know but reasons none the less.

The taste of Kellogg's Frosted Flakes makes Tony say
"They're gr-r-r-r-r-reat!"


Love eating me some Autobot Hides.

Tastes Like Chiken!!

Ride that Decepticon Doggy!