Saturday, August 17, 2013

Transformers Prime Beast Hunters Huffer and Trailcutter (Trailbreaker) Review

The following report comes from a candid interview of Christopher ZZZZZZZ  an avid believer of the Extraterrestrial.

" Hello Christopher, May I call you Chris?"

Hey what are you doing, don't say my name in public like that!! Don't you know they are listening? They listen to EVERYTHING  !! And And I, I found 2 living close by. I heard them talking in my head through my ipod speakers. They say their names are Beast Hunters Huffer and Trailcutter. Before we go anywhere put this on:

It stops them from reading your mind!! The question mark is to remind us to question everything. EVERYTHING! My Friend, Barry, wears his and no one can read or even understand his mind. Least of all Barry himself. So see that proves it works.


Ok, there they are. You see them? Do you see them!! The orange one is Huffer and the black one is Trailcutter.
" Uh Chris those are Dodge Ram like trucks?!"
I told you don't say my name in public. Oh I know, you can call me Captain Wheatgerm Pancake. Yeah that sounds good. Use that from now on. Look at them. LOOK!!

They are trucks with weapons all around them. Weapons and wings, why do they have those scary wings? Do they fly? Maybe they fly and use those wings to chop us humans in half. They also have those plows in front. You know they use those to mow down any witnesses. I actually think they tried to run me over the other day but I was on the wrong street. I lucked out that day, I tell you. See those larger weapons on their doors?

I know for a fact that they use those to probe people. It happened to my friend, Henry, the other day. He hasn't walked right since, and they did something to his face cause he hasn't stopped smiling since that incident either. He is TOO Happy! Heck, I saw someone drop a toaster on his head from a 7th story window and he just kept walking along whistling the James Bond theme music as if nothing happened!  See, they probe you and inject nanites into your body. That way they can do experiments on our bodies and control us. Then when done the nanites eat you away from the inside out. I saw it happen to Mrs. Aguero's cat. Poor thing was just all flat on the road. NANITES!! Nanites!!

"Uhhhh. Ok Chr... whoops sorry Captain uhmm Wheatgerm Pancake. Uhh, we have to go. Yeah there's an accident uhhh Somewhere heck Anywhere that's not here. Yeah, an accident. "

No, wait you need to see their other forms. Their true forms. Come back tonight and you can see them yourself.

"OK, man I hate slow news days."


Good, you came back. Where's your hat? I told you they read your mind. Ok hurry check them out

See giant robot aliens. See all those weapons they have to enslave the human race!! And they have been on earth so long that they can mimic human movements. Look at them dance

If you bend at the knees the prob goes in easier.

They have better moves then the late, great Michael Jackson.  If they weren't here to destroy the world they could be Solid Gold Dancers. Ye,s I said it their moves are just that good.

Oh no their leader has seen us. It's cause you didn't wear the hat!  Run!!!! Run!!!

Chris ran away after that. Never to be found again. Was he taken by the alien robots? Did he hide in a a cave somewhere? We'll never know.


  Folks, I have to say that these figures are awesome. These two toys have the right amount of ball joints and swivel joints that help give them articulation with out becoming a hindrance. Being a huge fan of Huffer, I like the aesthetic feel of the character. The mold fits Huffer more then it does Trailcutter though. I am actually hoping they make a Pipes version of this robot. I recommend everyone pick these two guys up. You will not regret getting these two action figures.

It's On like Donkey Kong!


We Will Find You Chris! You will be Probed!