Thursday, October 24, 2013

Fansproject Last Chance Not Transformers Decepticon Stunticon Dead End Review

Hey folks time for another Review. Up this time by request one of the Fansproject Stunticons Updated figures Last Chance / Hasbro's NOT Dead End. Fan's project decided to go their own route and made the stunticons. Which is good cause 3 Predakings seems to be over kill now. That and add the fact that this will be the cheapest of the combiners made by 3rd party companies and its a win for them. These are $70 figures and add in the $140 price tag of Motormaster the semi truck main body they still add up to $420.

*And yes for the know it all folks. I know they are $60 retail but I always add shipping costs in all figure overall price.*

Vehicle Mode

Last Chance is a Maroon Ferrari FXX with yellow and white racing stripe down the right side of the vehicle. This is way different from the Porsche 928 Hasbro used back in the day. I have to say this car looks very sleek and gorgeous. If only all the parts would snap together tightly.

Hey dude! Dude your Hood is all jacked up!

That's not a crack on my roof . Its an Air intake yeah a custom air intake!

Now I have to say these cracks on the vehicle are noticeable and can't be fixed no matter how much you mess with it. Other then that the vehicle rolls pretty well.

Robot Mode

Last chance is 4 1/2 inches tall maybe 5in if you add the shoulder bits. This robot has swivel joints on his upper arms, upper hips, hands and waist. He bends at the knees and a double jointed elbow. Finally the ball jointed shoulder and hips really lets you pose this figure in several ways.

Wonder Twin Powers activate!

Surprisingly this figure has some really good balance. The following pics were done with no help by me on getting him to stand.
Super Kick!!

"I can't decide whether to be a marksman or an opera singer. LALALALAAA"

"I'm cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs!  They are chocolaty delicious Woohoo!" 


This toy robot is pretty awesome. It does have a few minor issues like the panels not connecting correctly and the screws showing on his arms, but those are easily forgiven. The cost of this Decepticon figure may shy away a lot of collectors. And this is understandable they are expensive. Heck its 5 times more expensive then a retail figure of the same size released by Hasbro at stores. At some point these 3rd party companies need to figure out a way to lower the price on these collectibles. maybe cut down on the packaging? Yet this may become a line that most will regret passing on. This figure is just that good. Quality wise its pretty close to being perfect. The plastic on them is good and doesn't feel cheap or soft. This action figure is very easily recommended on my part. So go get yours today before they disappear.

Freeze! Or I'll shoot. Well hell, I'm gonna shoot you either way so run if you want! I guess.

Heres a picture of a little guy that lives in a blue world

And Now the tree position. Reach for the sky. Come one 3 more stretch folks!!

It's Micheal Bay! Shoot!!!

Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?