Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Guest Review Time! Metroplex By Jason G!!

Ok folks Time for another Guest Review! Up to bat is Jason G from the group Transformers_galaxy. Go check them out.


There is not much I can say that the internet has already said and this is an awesome figure to say the least with a few flaws.

Metroplex is the largest Transformer built with sacrifices made I got him at $120 AU that was with a 20% discount even without the discount it was still cheaper then importing him from the US.

Metroplex is mainly white with hint of black and red and does resemble more the Fall Of Cybertron character with a mix of G1 thrown in, His shear size makes transformation difficult at times but his 3 modes are not that hard to master so I am glad Hasbro thought of this his difficultly level is 2.

Hasbro has done something right with this figure and that's made the transformation simple pretty much replicates the G1 version.


Robot mode for Metrpolex is as close to G1 and FOC we are going to get and makes celebrating 30 years of Transformers well worth it. He is an amazing figure besides being top heavy my issue for kids is they will try and pick him up by his head only to drop him as the black part of Metroplex's head is detachable, My other issue is if forced the waist will snap compared to Fortress Maximus he really has no mid section having said this he feels weighty and firm. My other issue is separating the legs for city mode it feels like you are
breaking the toy so if you plan on getting him be gentle. My last issue is the arm you attach pops off and I had to reattach this twice and so far it seems to have locked into place.

The black plastic under his feet is flimsily and i created two stress marks on 1 foot. OK, onto the good stuff.

Besides the white he does have a good blend of black and red to break this up and the articulation is quite good but I would not aim to pose him besides up right as Ii think the top heaviness will cause an issue.
one great thing is you can flip open a gun section and Scamper can sit inside making it look like he is perched on his shoulder.

The guns are cool and rotate depending on where you place them oh my other issue is the ramp that opens on his chest is not closed correctly it will pop open again.


Metroplex's head does swivel but is restricted as it is placed on a disc so no 360 movement.  The black head area can be removed and 2 cool things is his attack visor which is red a switch at the back operates this.

Arms the shoulders move out and rotate a 360 the arm bends and his wrist rotate mainly for transformation purposes. His hands rotate a full 360 and each finger move. The best part is the guns actually clip into his hands locking them into place and you can close his hand to make a fist.

Waist does a 360 for transforming purposes

Legs they move out the knees bend and the ankle area actually does a 360 again for transforming purposes.

Carrier Mode

This mode is great and quite long just like G1 the arms are back the guns move and the ramp comes down you can easily fit a few G1 mini cons or a legends class figure in and open the ramp to release them. As for WST figure you could easily fit more.

This mode really shows details as the run ways are black with yellow arrows once stickers are applied you shall see some red and some computer screens.Scamper can also sit in a compartment or behind his head to scan on coming enemies.

This mode is fantastic the downside is the wheels are cheap and don't spin some chrome rims would also look nice, However you could fit so many bots on the runways it would be nightmare for the Decepticons to attack at full force. Another cool feature is a repair arm on the left run way very nice addition.

City Mode

This is huge and very close to G1 again the main colors are black and white, under the helicopter pad is a gun turret. his chest opens in any mode to reveal a multiple missile launchers the open legs reveal repair bays thank god for stickers however as it would be quite black and plain.

One big surprise was on the attached arm is a screw with a slider i un did the screw and opened the compartment and another turret fell out so what u do is attach the gun and tighten the screw and once open Scamper can sit in and have some fun shooting Decepticons this was pretty nice and to close it slide the gun
back. Lne lass thing is on the H PAD there are 2 red arms which look like rigs for repair which is nice.

Hasbro vs Takara

I will now go into some small differences

Face color Hasbro white Takara chrome
Red guns that shoot missiles Hasbro 1 Takara 2
Autobot insignia on chest Hasbro sticker Takara embedded into chest and painted
landing strips in carrier mode Hasbro Black with applied stickers Takara white

Overall I am not sure the Takara version comes with a sticker sheet I much prefer the Hasbro version especially the black landing strips it makes far more sense and adds realism apart form it flaws including the wheels not really having a great roll this is a great figure and if you don't have a Fort Max this is a great replacement to fill a need to have a large figure.

Even kids would enjoy this and I have issues with breaking the figure I would love to be 8 again and playing how many Decepticons can i smash LOL.

Overall rating a solid 8.5 out of 10 and if you want to save money the Hasbro
version is equals or is better then the Takara version


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