Friday, December 13, 2013

Mastermind Creations Bovis not Transformers Decepticon Tantrum Review

Hey folks welcome to another review.

Up today is the Third Party Action Figure/ collectible Bovis. Bovis is the first released figure in Mastermind Creation's Predaking inspired combiner / gesault Feral Rex. This is Mastermind's first attempt at a combiner but I have to say their attempt of this toy is far superior then the version given to us from Unique Toys.  This Predacon wannabe feels and looks like a high end superior quality Lexus compared to the low end Ford Tempo Savage Bull. But I am jumping a head a bit here. Lets start this review.

Beast Mode

Bovis is clearly inspired by Transformer G1 Predacon Tantrum. His beast mode is a bull like his transformer ancestor. A very stocky powerful looking bull that would trample you in seconds. His arms still form a sort of weapons satchel for the front of the beast which is a cool connection to the original Decepticon Predacon.

He is a bull that is dark orange, red, grey, and black. Bovis is surprisingly articulated in this mode. He has ball jointed hooves, hips, and legs which allows him to be posed in some great stances. None of the poses below needed any help from me to stand after set. The weight distribution is just awesome.

Pay no attention to the head in my Mouth!!!

Who is that handsome bot in the floor?!?


This bull is just awesome. The only nitpicks are the head in the mouth and the fact that he has no tail. But hey that's all easily forgiven.

Robot Mode

Bovis is a very intimidating and tough looking robot. If this Decepticon played football he would be that sack-master Defensive end that would be the nightmare of every Autobot quarterback. This muscle man of a con feels like a Decepticon. An evil robot made to take over worlds and destroy anything in his way. Now his feet are a little odd and difficult to get set just right. Seeing that the feet is the only problem I could talk about shows how right this figure is. And thanks to all the articulation this terror can be set in many poses.

Sexy Pose time!!!

Stick um up!!

Minotaur Mode Activate.


Bovis comes with quite a few weapons. First up are 2 copperish colored swords which have that "I will tear you up into a million little bits" feel. These swords are sharp so don't give them to kids or adults that would stick them in places they don't belong. Cause they will hurt:

I'll gut you like a pig Fool!!

Bovis also comes with 2 black hand guns.

Finally Bovis comes with a Silver laser cannon. The laser cannon can also be placed on his beast mode and becomes the giant foot pad for Feral rex:

Blast them Outta the Sky!!


To be honest when I first started getting collecting 3rd party figures Fans Project was the company for me. With this figure and their Hexatron release Mastermind Creations is gaining steam and surpassing every 3rd party company out there even Fans Project. At the $100 price tag I didn't feel ripped with this figure like I did with the Unique Toys released figures. This robot is worth every penny. Between it's size, articulation, and high quality feel this figure is win win all the way around. I can easily recommend this figure.


Please don't hit me!!! I'll be good I promise Savage Bull!!

Uncle! UNCLE!!!

Kiss my foot tool.

I'm not worthy. I'm not Worthy!

Don't you ever talk about my momma again!! I won't be so nice next time.