Sunday, August 4, 2013

Unique Toys 3rd Party Transformer Savage Bull (Not Decepticon Tantrum) Predaking / Warlord Review

Savage Bull, oh what to say about a figure described as some as:

"Worst then a Ko of a KO!"
" A piece of Turd!!!"
"I wouldn't by that junk even if they gave me the money and ordered me to buy it!!!"

Well your Honor, I say its all Lies!!! At least 75% of the time it is all lies. And out of that 75%, 38.4% of that statement is true!!!

First sir or madam, sorry can't tell since you are wearing a dress, what we have here is a toy that is clearly misrepresented by the views of a biased audience. As I will prove with the evidence I have gathered before you.

Savage Bull is the third released figure of the combiner War Lord by Unique Toys. And though he comes pretty loose in his packaging he clearly only sustained a few scratches during transit.

Does this make him a bad toy?!? I say NO!! It just means someone pretty lazily tied him to his plastic holder. Yes, this is something that can be fixed easily but maybe the worker had a lot of things on his mind like the upcoming Hall of Fame Game. So we should not blame poor innocent Savage Bull for this inadequacy.


Savage Bull is indeed a bull. But I say to you, your Honor that this is not a repeat of Prime vs Primal. It is not the whole Prime trukk not Monkey ordeal!! This is an animal mode that is wanted and enjoyable. He has ball jointed legs and a swiveled head.  While the head is hanging loosely it does not really affect the figure too much. As you can see by Exhibit B:

The added poseability in his ball jointed mode allows this savage beast to do a plethora of moves as can be seen in Exhibit B1 and B2:

How can such a magnificent toy be seen in such negative light with moves such as these? Unique Toys even improved this robot with added side waist panels that lock the creatures legs in place. The company even made the locking joint in the creatures crotch slightly looser. While that may sound like a bad thing in untrained eyes, it is in fact it is an improvement. You no longer feel like you will break the figure when you pull out the robots legs during transformation.


Savage Bull is a deluxe sized robot. A warrior who can move with the best of them. Look at those ball jointed shoulders and hips in action in exhibit C and C1:

A balancing act most figures have trouble matching! He's moving like a rock star! The ball joints are even loose on this figure and it can still keep this pose like a flawless ballerina.


Let's be honest here ladies and gentlemen of the jury, how can you not love a GOLD sword. A gold sword with a red hilt. Yes, your honor the same red as your awesome high heels sir. Which I have to say are quite eye catching. Eye catching as exhibit D:

And that is not all good people of the Jury. Savage Bull also comes with sleek, sexy, aerodynamic dual cannons. Dual cannons that add to the fire power of this beast created by a lower tier sub demi God. Look at these scrumptious beautiful silver and green powder kegs of awesomeness!! A weapon that can be used in animal mode as well as can be seen in exhibit E and E1:


In closing your Honor, Yes,  Savage bull suffers from weak ball joints in his hips. Yet even official Hasbro Transformers products suffer from this fate. A fate I fear all ball jointed figures will eventually fall victim too. A victim to an item that most collectors demand. So can we really blame this poor victim for this issue created by the popular vote? Weaker plastic they say. Savage Bull does suffer from this as well. An issue that hopefully Unique Toys will rectify. Price wise  yes I agree that this toy is a bit pricey.for what you get. But r and D is pricey and this is their first run and these will eventually lower in price.  Unique toys does seem to be listening to the fans and have asked for their opinions on their products. So Instead of crucifying the company should we not give them a little more time to correct themselves? Should they not be given the chance to complete all 5 of the figures of Warlord? I say yes. While Savage Bull could be better we have to remember that this is just the beginning and we must be impressed by at least the start of something that could end up being great. So your honor and people of the jury Savage Bull just deserves a chance. Can you give him that chance?