Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Hasbro Transformers Beast Hunters Dreadwing Review

Hey there folks time for another Toy review!!! YAYAYAYYAYAYAY!!!! Today we have Transformer's Beast Hunter's Dreadwing and ....................................................... Uhhhhh...............................hmmmm....... Hey Dave. Dave.... DAVE!!! Man, you gave me the wrong name to this figure.  Dreadwing is dead bro. Megatron blew a big slagging hole in his chest in the show.. Hello... Are you getting senile? Wait, what do you mean let me look at that box.

Okay so Today we are reviewing Hasbro's Transformers Beast Hunters deluxe Class Dreadwing. I guess he's a clone or a robot zombie or something. That or the fine folks at Hasbro forgot he was shot through the chest by Megatron? I know maybe his bio on the Instructions will explain it all:

Dreadwing has known Starscream for too long for the cowardly seeker to hide from him. Still, when he smashes into his former commander's hiding place, he expects a vicious fight, and is surprised to instead find Starscream with his weapons lowered. "Listen!" Starscream says. "Since when do I flee the moment Megatron is out of the picture? If he was deactivated because of me, I'd take command! As is my destiny!" Dreadwing aches to blast his fellow air warrior to atoms, but he knows Starscream is telling the truth. He levels a finger at the other Decepticon. "You will help me find Megatron then. Find him and bring him back."

Well that was no help. How did he come back?!? Why is he worried about the Con that sent him to the big junkyard in the sky?!?!?! Arghhhhhhh

Well back to the review.

Vehicle Mode

Dreadwing returns as a blue and grey with darker grey swirly ink blots fighter jet with Yellow chicken feet. Yellow chicken feet an autobot can see from 12 miles away !!!
"Hey Bumble Bee old chicken feet is coming get that Pulse cannon ready!!!"

I have to say this vehicle mode really reminds me of the bayverse seekers with their chicken feet hanging out the end. And from underneath you can really tell its a bot:

Hey are those chicken feet and claws?!?!? I just Love me some Chicken feet and claws!!Yum yum yum

Between the visible hands feet and well shoulder pads I think at least 90% of pilots could figure out what that jet really was. The other 10% were probably drunk. Kinda takes away from that whole Robot in disguise thing the Transformers go for.


Dreadwing comes with 2 weapons. YELLOW weapons. The first is a dual bladed saw ax.

It kinda looks like it would be one of those friction missiles at the end but since Dreadwing doesn't come with a launcher for it I guess I could be wrong. From the instructions you can force it into the back of the Dread Assault Cannon.
Now his second weapon is indeed a rocket launcher or Dread Assault Cannon as they call it. Which fires a purple missile.

You can put the second missle that comes with Dreadwing in the back of the Cannon.

Robot mode

Now I have to say the robot mode looks pretty good and has that Dreadwing feel.

Personally I don't like all the yellow but its slowly growing on me. Heck I only blinked once in the last 10 second while looking at him. But as ny Brother from another mother Dave Urbik said:
" I think this is one figure where a gold or brown color would have been a better choice than that bright nuclear mustard yellow."
The wing opens up in back to give him a flower looking effect. Due to the ball joints on his shoulders and hips he can come up with some cool poses:

Why did you kill my Brother Starscream!!!!


Ok I have to bring up a few things here with this action Figure. While I love the Idea of ball joints my copy of this toy had issues with the 4 on him. On the hips the ball joints are too loose so he flops all over. Add that to the knee joints that are on a simple pin and even when you stand him up straight he starts to tilt forward and backward due to nothing holding the knees in place. Something a ratchet joint would have easily fixed. Then there are the shoulder ball joints. If you look at the pics I don't show the arms going all the way up and its not just due to the huge shoulder pads on this figure. Its also due to the ball joints being so tight that I am actually afraid I will break the joint if I try to force his arms up. Now I know these are fixable but I am getting kinda tired of having to fix these figures right out of their packaging. Now as for the figure or character I don't like him. I feel like they are putting down the character that was Dreadwing. This figure looks like a cheap knockoff version some company made for the local Dollar Store. Now I know that most of this comes from my association of the character with his show persona and prior voyager release. But it also comes from the weak quality of the figure and its bad bio. In its totality I cannot recommend this figure.

Swim Yellow Nosed Turtle!!! You can do it!!

I still Watch You!!