Sunday, July 21, 2013

Hasbro's Transformers Prime Beast Hunter Sharkticon Megatron Review

Hey Folks Charlie here with this new review. Dave is on Vacation again. I have to say those Vacation people go all out for him they come in their White Coats and even strap him up for his protection. Very Nice if you ask me. Well Dave asked me to do this review and to say he will be back after his Mandatory 30 day vacation. So here we go... Oh hey a squirrel look at its tail thats so cool. Aww so furry. Wait what was I doing again? Oh yeah Sharkticon Megatron.

Sharkticon Megatron is the Latest  release of Megatron in the Transformers Prime/ Beast Hunters Line. He is a remold and recolor of his original release. Lets check out the Bio and Stats on this guy :

No real change on those stats then before. And by the bio he must have gotten injured at some point. I know lets check out his... Oh wow look at that fly on the wall I like the wings it looks so cool. Buzz Buzz. Uh wait what was I doing again oh yeah, His bio on the instructions:

So he was damaged in Battle and formatted when he picked up his Tatar Sauce Whoops sorry Tartarex Sword. I am starting to wonder if these small stories on these instructions are in fact the story line they are going to use in the Predacons Rising Movie.  I guess Time will tell.


Ok Megatron is still a Spaceship but with a Fish Head and fish wings. He has been repainted A darker Brown with pinkish purple and Light Blue highlights. Here he is for your viewing pleasure:

Whoops forgot about the grey. You know I like the color grey I saw it in a picture once that was just so cool.. Wait did I show you the Spaceship pic?
SICK HIM!! Get Him Boy!!!

The front of the spacecraft looks like a big fish head. Not really getting a "SHARK" feel from him but still cool. Whats good is that like the prior release it all locks into place so no free hanging pieces.


Now this is where the figure really stands out.

When I first saw this figure I wasn't really liking the color scheme It looked too girly too ughh. But once I got the figure in hand I liked the output. The colors work on the figure. It has a fish colored feel to him. The large fish head as a chest gives megatron a devolved look. The fins on his lower arms scream out
" Hey Im a Huge freaking Fish!
And they are placed in such a way that it looks as if Megs can use them in battle to tear up whatever Autobot is foolish enough to fight him. Articulation wise he does have a ball jointed head, shoulders, and hips. His knees and elbows do bend and his upper arm has a rotating joint due to his transformation. Over all the basic design of the figure works.
" Ohh you know what else works is Ketchup with Ice Cream. I ate some the other day and it was Oh hey look its a bird....."


Ok Megatron comes with either one of 2 weapons. On the Box they call it the Tatarex Sword (which I call the Tatar Sauce Sword) yet on the instructions it is renamed into the Sharktooth Spear. Personally I like the Tartar Sauce Sword (Patent Pending). Its a deeper purple gun with a fish head as its barrel.

   If the handle of the weapon is locked into place it does become a Spear looking weapon.

I have to give credit to Hasbro on this weapon. The Locking handle is awesome. On a lot of these figures their weapons look better in their second mode but never have a way to lock them in it. They really hit the spot with this one. The over all look of the weapon goes with the whole fish feel of the figure. You know I like fish. Fred's fish was good but they changed their fish recently and its not as good anymore.


Ok with all the joy I got from this figure I also got a few disappointments. First my figure had week hip joints. The toy's hips are so loose it can't support it's own weight for too long. Now it may just be my figure and it is an easy fix but I noticed the same issue on another Megatron figure I got recently. So maybe the mold is degrading a bit? The other issue I had was the shoulder ball joints. On my robot his ball joints are so tight that it feels like they will break if I lift the arms up. So I got issues from both ends of the spectrum with this one.  To be honest I am getting tired of having to fix my new toys right out of the package. Now I do want to bring up an issue that folks were talking about on FB recently. A Lot of folks were really hating on this figure and the color choices. I honestly think the issue is that they are connecting it with the Visual look of prior Megatrons. If this figure was another character with a different head I think the hate wouldn't be there. But hey I could be wrong. Overall I have to say this figure is really cool. I would recommend it to anyone but would let them know of the issues I had. Well that's all folks go enjoy your toys. Ands if you see David let him know that my ADHD didn't affect my review at all. Oh here are a few more pictures for you folks. Ohh I like pictures One day I painted a picture of a carebear. it was blu..............

I will chop you in two!

Freeze Fish Sticks!!!