Sunday, June 2, 2013

Transformers Generations Autobot Wrecker Springer Review

"All I hear about all day at Autobot City is how SPRINGER did this or SPRINGER is great at that. SPRINGER, SPRINGER, SPRINGER!!!!!  And now he's getting a slagging review!!! SPRINGER, SPRINGER, SPRINGER" Quote from  Autobot Cavalier Hot Rod

HOWDY, I hears your the Market for a new Slightly Used Car. Well SIR uhh MADAM uhh both?!? Ahh Madam! Great mustache by the way looks just like my Uncle Henry's. So I says to you why Settle with just one Vehicle! Why not get 3 for the LOW Low Price of 1? Now Sir uhhh whoops mam Now I can tell by the look on your face that you are thinking to your self How can I afford that? And How can a vehicle be 3 things at once. Well here at Swindle's World of Quality Wheels  we say it is possible (with great credit, 10 million dollar down payment and your first born) And I can tell you would be a great Owner!! So lets check this baby out:


And here he is. Loose and ready to go no Twisty ties to remove No plastic insert. We took care of it allllll!!!
Now As you can tell the Yellow hood is an aftermarket add on that absorbs uhhhh the Sunlight to make your Eyes Pop. Yes Mam all 5 of them!!!

Now for your Protection and at a small cost to you we have added Shock resistant Doors. And a double Quarter Spoiler on back to impress your Friends.

And to save the environment we have added a GREEN  roof. Cause we all want to save the world right? Heck we went so green on it that we gave it Slots that don't lock onto place. So that the wind and rain can come in to help the environment.

And at 13 miles per Gallon. It is a money saver for you!!! Now I know that you just love this baby right now how he is but we have more!!!!


Now I now you like myself have at times been stuck in traffic and have thought to yourself  "Dang Wilma, can I call you Wilma? Great name by the way, My Mom's second middle name is Wilma. So you say to yourself  Dang Wilma I wish I could just fly out of here!!" Well Wilma I say NOW YOU CAN!! In 72 simple steps Your Beautiful car can now be a HeliCOOLter.

Just look how sleek this baby is. And He starts up in a breeze:

Dammit Henry look out for those blades!  Haven't you ever seen Raiders of the Lost Ark?  Don't you know those things will chop you up fast?!

And I have to tell you at 13 ft a gallon you will fly all over the world!!!And be the Envy of all your Friends!!!
Now wilma I can tell you are thinking ok thats 2. Whats the Third mode??????

Well the best is yet to come!!! Cause in a quick 472 move your New Used car becomes


Your own Personal body guard!!! Yes Maam ALL of your Body!!

Just look at that Huge Long Legged bot that will be available at your pleasure Wilma. No villians would ever think about attacking you and your Litter uhh Family. He does come with 2 Combat grade weapons to protect you with (at a low low extra cost). The sword can cut through the toughest breads. And the gun can blow a whole through the strongests Pillows. Heck he even knows all the Kung fu moves we could find on tv!! Check out these awesome moves.

Heck those moves would put Chucky E. Norris to shame. 

Heck he's faster then a snail on steroids. And Heck if you ever get in a Bind and need that Double Cannoned Beaty while in the Car or Flying around it can attach that ways tooooo!!!

So you are ready for the Zombie Apocalypse with this baby I tell you what!!


Ok so what do you think Wilma? I know he has legs longer than a strippers but just think how many Enemies he could kick from over a mile away. And yes some of his panels don't lock into place but remember that's there to save the environment that and we can Supply you our patenteted Raincoat ( for a small price that we can break down in 56 low payments) for you to wear. Heck we will also throw in Seat warmers in the back seats so all you Tush is warmed!!  So what do you think? Cause if you ask me I think it's a great robot/ car that everyone should get. It's a STEAL!! But hey Wilma if its not your thing I have a great jet plane tank combo I can sell you really really cheap!! Here some more views of this bad boy!!

Hand over the Donuts and there won't be any Problems!!!

Look MA I'm Flying!!! Wait does that make me a Decepticon?!?