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Transformers Prime Takara Tomy Arms Micron Breakdown (Swerve and Silus Breakdown too Folks!) Mold Review

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  Yeah, I'm talking to you.  Hey, you ever wonder why some toy companies just don't make a certain character from a cartoon?  What?  You don't really care?  Wait right here while I, uhh....tie you up.

Wait, what did you say?  The rope is too tight?  Well, I promise to let you go right after this review and a 36 hour viewing of the entire JEM TV series. :)

OK so where was I?  Oh, yeah.  Well, in Transformers Prime they introduced a character by the name of Breakdown.  Great robot, really tough nemesis to the wrecker Bulkhead.  He later gets killed, (by his own fellow Decpticon, too.  Guy had no luck) and his body is used by a weapons group called M.E.C.H.  Really good story line with a great effect on the series.  Just one thing.....

Hasbro decided not to give us the figure to match.  Well, let me correct myself:  They did give us a legends class micro version of the guy, but as your ex-girlfriend once said, it was too small, and no matter what they say, size does matter!!!  (Shut up, Henry, it's not about how you use it or motion on the ocean.  Where's the damn tape?!?)

So, luckily Takara rectified the situation and gave us a voyager sized version of this awesome robot.  Heck, they even took it a step further and gave us 3 versions of the guy to make us happy:  Breakdown, Swerve, and Silas Breakdown.  So here I go with my review, and hey!  Be quiet!  I can't think with all that yelling for help!!!  Don't make me GAG you......

Vehicle Mode

The Breakdown mold transforms into a type of SUV-looking vehicle, albeit a very large SUV.  It moves really well with no "stuck" tires, which hinders a few of these vehicle type transformers.  Dang it, Hasbro, if they change into a truck they should be able to roll like a truck.

 Breakdown is of course blue with red details to match the show.

Swerve is a red repaint of the same truck.  Since he hasn't come out in the show yet, I'm guessing they are matching the color tones of the other Autobot Swerve figures.

While the Silas version is a slightly different black version of the truck with a chromed out grill guard.

Now I have to say this:  Vehicle mode on this toy has a very strong feel to the cartoon character. The truck looks tough and rugged, almost like it was made to run over its enemies while they scream in pain.  HAHAHAHAAHAA!  And honestly, Henry, I'll do that to you if you don't stop crying for mommy!  Takara really hit the nail on the head with this action figure's vehicle mode.

Robot Mode

I have to say these guys look tough, almost like a bouncer.  Heavy muscular feel to the guy. Huge Shoulders. The big guy with the chain gun that slices people in half in all those war movies.  Like a character that would rather beat you up than talk to you.  Now this is where Takara did make a few slight differences to make each character its own bot.  Takara really put some thought into these action figures as they each have their own remodeled or unique head .  Shows Takara cared about its collector unlike the cheap repaints that Hasbro usually puts out.

Decepticon Breakdown is in his show colors of blue and grey:

Here's what his head looks like:

Autobot Swerve is red and an off-white color:

Here's his head:

And finally, Silas in black and grey:

Here's his damaged head which comes from the episode where Breakdown got his eye removed by M.E.C.H.  I have to say they really went out of their way to please the fans:


Another extra given to the Silas figure was a painted area under his chest where, if you look really closely, you can see Silas' face in there:

You can see it, right?  It's not just me, right???  Is he laughing at you too?  Stop laughing at me!!!

I have to say they really did a superior thing by giving each character their own unique face. Which really helps out on these characters.
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I really love how Takara likes to give its customers extras.  All of these figures come with arms microns, which is just another name for target masters.  Weapons that become small robots or animals to help out their large partners.  Even on these, Takara didn't cheap out by giving us 3 of the same weapon just in different colors.  They gave us 3 different weapons.

Breakdown's weapon is, of course, the hammer he used on the show:

It can also be used as a weapon, as seen here:
I'll Cap your Ass!!  Uhh, Henry, why are you smiling and turning over??

When transformed it becomes a rhino-looking creature.  Ready to ram!  Come on, Henry, again?!?

Swerve comes with a spinning saw-type micron:

When transformed :it becomes a small robot, which could use a little face paint

Silas has a blue scissor-type double bladed micron:

It becomes a small robot with sword arms and spider-like legs:
Stop trying to chew through the ropes, Henry, or I'll cut yah!!

 Silas also comes with, well, human Silas:
Someone help me!  I can't move, and Henry's getting closer!!  Arghh!

OK first off, I have to give props to Jeremy Turner who helped me get these wonderful toys and to Dave Urbik who helped me with the review and with tying up Henry!!  OK, now back to these awesome figures.  These toys are really, really cool.  They are chock full of articulation and actually feel like the characters they represent.  Their arms microns are a really nice addition.  Takara really thought of the collector with these.  Unfortunately, I really have to say since Hasbro dropped the ball on releasing domestic versions of these figures, the prices on the Takara versions skyrocketed quickly.  The most expensive is breakdown.  Due to his popularity he goes for over $100 easily, so a lot of collectors just can't afford these great toys, which really bites considering Breakdown was in the show for a while.  Now I would love to recommend these guys to everyone and their grandmother, but I simply can't due to their price.  Do I think everyone should get them is not an issue.  Hells to the yeah!  But unfortunately not all of us are rich or live in Mommy's basement!

But hey at least we can see the pretty Pictures!!!

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