Monday, May 13, 2013

3rd Party Transformers Unique Toys War Hawk / Divebomb Predaking limb

Today's Transformers Review is:

Unique Toys War Hawk is the first released figure in their re-imagined War Lord/ Predaking Gesault series. Based off the Hasbro released Decepticon Divebomb figure lets see what this figure has to offer us.

Variations of the Box have been seen. One has an opened area to see the figure.

So When you first get War Hawk he is in a very thin box and it sounds like something is moving around loose in the package. Well thats because there is something loose in there. Your figure.

There is nothing holding your figure in place so in the case of mine the orange of his chest-plate rub off onto the plastic shell he was in. So this started off on a bad note.
Now onto War Hawks Bio:
Ok I am starting to notice a trend with 3rd party companies and their Bios. WHOEVER writes them either doesn't understand the flow of the English writing style or doesn't reread/double check their writing. You would think that by now these companies would realize that there are some Americans that buy their products. Im just saying ......

Ok included is a Comic book/instructions that is just as confusing as the bio honestly and a very thin Character card. :


WarHawk/Dive bomb comes with 2 items a Sword and the hand of Warlord.

The sword is Black and Gold in color and looks really good up close. It seems to be very sturdy also.
You'll poke your eye out kid!!

War hawk also comes with a very pointy hand piece that is deffinetly not made for children :

I'll Get you My Pretty!!

Whats cool about this hand is that each finger moves and has a ball joint at every hinge joint.

Creature Mode

Like its G1 counterpart War Hawk transforms into an eagle. And I have to say it really looks like its modeled after the g1 figure.

I really have to give the company credit here because they did not cheap out on the detail work even the back of the figure rocks:
Each wing blade does open up but are sorta limited on how far they spread open.


Now this is where this figure really shines. it is really a great upgraded version of its G1 counterpart:


Thanks to all the new articulation points the figure does have more articulation. The only place it really suffers is not enough articulation on his arms. His arms cannot move in and out due to not having a swivel joint on his shoulder. And his hands are set in place so no swivel there. Sorta Limits his poses but passable. 


 Ok now I have to say this figure while it has a few issues is just awesome. The Plastic quality is awesome. The articulation is good not great but good. Now for MINT in Box guys this is not a toy for you. For regular collectors this is not a bot for you. Why the Price. Plain and simple its a bit pricey for what you get. I can see this figure at $35 to maybe $45. But at $70 no way. No myself I am now stuck into this line. Since I have one already. Now if you have the cash to spend its a nice figure but you might be better off not starting up a line that will end up being close to $400 to complete predaking.

Oh here are some size comparison pics for you to enjoy.

AWW MA I can fly by myself now!!