Saturday, April 13, 2013

DC Universe Classic Black Lantern Hal Jordan

Wow, it's been a while since my last review, so I figure why not do a figure that I wanted to get since I first saw it online; Black Lantern Hal Jordan.

This figure is based off a few panels of art in Green Lantern #50 that took place during the Blackest Night story line in the Green Lantern comics . I highly recommend picking up the entire series as it is a good read. Here is Hal's Bio:

This figure comes with no added weapons. No Black Lantern. No Zombie face Nothing........ This is really disappointing because I would have loved a Black Lantern. And a zombie face would have really matched the storyline since all Black Lanterns were either zombies or very sickly looking malnourished humans. Not Folks who are constipated.  And though there was no black lanterns held by the zombies there was one shown in the comic.

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BAF Parts
Hal comes with the head and Waist of the Anti-monitor. Forgot to take pictures of them sorry. Unfortunately they were extras for me since I have the White Lantern Hal Jordan that came with the same parts. So if anyone needs them contact me.

Hey its that................ Hal Jordan Black Lantern Guy!!!
Ain't he sleek?!? Well actually no, not really. He's really buff looking. He's the same body they used on the other versions of Hal Jordan but this guy just looks huge? Maybe its the flat colors? Or the Steroids he took before he arrived at my house?!?! The Black Lantern suit is flat black and grey uni with white highlights. I really like this uniform and hope they do a Kyle Rayner figure also. As with all the dc classics the figure is very articulated and just fun to touch.... I mean play with. Now he does have a new head mold . The face mold makes him look either constipated (too Much Cheese) or Angry. Like that, you owe him money or Slept with his younger sister ANGRY. You feel like telling him Hey chill. Cause I tell you Fred you shouldn't be so angry. I mean she was hot and it was 1992. I mean seriously Fred your veins on your forehead are popping out. It happened let it go Man. Here are some pics of Strong Man Jordan:

Damn you Dave!!! She was a Virgin no matter what the football team, 4 of her Teachers, or the Chess club says!!!!!
Do Not Talk to me. I have a turtle head..... Got to get to the Toilet. 

Shoot the grape into my mouth!!!!


This figure is Awesome. The only issue I have with it is the head. While cool looking I can see it belonging on a Red Lantern Rage Hal Jordan then on The I want to Eat your Brains Zombie Black Lantern Hal. Oh and the no Lantern accessory thing. How cheap can you be right. Its a freaking Lantern... Jeez. So I guess I have 2 issue huh? Or as my Wife says TOO many Issues to count! This figure is a must have for Green lantern Fans. We can only hope they make a Hal Jordan DC Classics figure in every color of the ring spectrum. Well maybe not the Indigo cause I don't want to see him in a pink leotard. Might not look right. As for the Dc fans Well its really more of a green lantern follower type of thing. You can get him cause it looks cool. But can probably pass on him since he only showed up as a Black Lantern in 2 panels in Green Lantern #50.

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