Sunday, January 13, 2013

Transformers Generations GDO Autobot Springer

Up this week is Generations Gdo TRU/China Exclusive Springer.

Springer is a retool and redeco of the Hunt for the Decepticons "Tomahawk" figure. it can be found at TRU stores and their website.

His bio supplied is:
Whenever danger strikes, Autobot Springer is there to strike back. He Leaps into action in a moment's notice, Never caring about his own Safety as long as there are others to protect. His heroic nature is backed up by incredible natural fighting skills and the inborn ability to lead.

  Strength 10       Rank 7
     Intelligence 8      Courage 9
            Speed 8      Fireblast 7
Endurance 9      Skill 7

Vehicle Mode

Springer transforms into a Grey with yellow and green highlights attack Helicopter with a rotating camera under its cockpit. The Heli comes with missile launchers that mount under it's wings. While there is a sword with the figure it looks funky on the vehicle so I tend to leave it off.
From the front the Heli gives off a menacing look. Which really portrays the character they wrote about in the bio of Springer well.
It really is a very nice representation of an attack Helicopter. Does it have the G1 Springer feel they tried to push? No. They could have added more green to the vehicle. Now I know the naysayers might complain about that saying its not G1 and that the green is too bright to do the whole copter. But a darker Green could be used in my opinion that would give that G1 feel better.


Ok first off the mold has a New head to represent I guess G1 Springer:

But Personally I dont see it.
The new head has a squished feel to it and oversized helmet parts and chin. Just like swerve I think this figure fails in the attempt.

 As for his articulation I have to say this figure impressed me when it was first released and does that now. The mold has ball jointed head, arms and hips which allows for some very nice poses. Here are some Pics by my son Sam to show off a few.

Now while it has a Strong upper body feel, the figure also suffers badly from CHICKEN LEG Syndrome. I makes the figure look funky and silly. I could actually see an enemy laugh at this Autobot as he walks up to him. Of course it would probably lead to a missile to their head but at least he will go out with a laugh.


Springer comes with a pair of  missile launchers and a sword. The missile launchers can be place on the back of the vehicle using their C-Joint connectors. Or in his hands using the pegs used to connect them to the bottom of the wings. Now as for the Sword. While nice to look at in robot mode, which connects it to G1 springer I guess, it makes no sense in vehicle mode. No where would you see a Helicopter with a huge Sword hanging on its side.


 What to say what to say. The figure is cool it really is. But it has its issues like the chicken feet and the Sword. While I am a huge fan of updated G1 figures I am not all too convinced on this one. I am hoping that Hasbro makes an actual triple changer mold for this character. I think the Fans project figure is still a better off figure to use as a classics/Generations portrayal of Springer. If you are like me where you must have all the tfs out there, An illness called Pokemonoitis I am told, it is a must have. But then again it might be the illness speaking there. For folks who have no such illness I say pass it. While cool it is not an improvement over the other recolored molds of Springer.

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