Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Dc Universe Classics Sinestro Corps Scarecrow

Hidey Ho, cherrios and all that jazz. Ok folks today we are talking about Sinestro Corps Scarecrow.

For those of you who don't know the Scarecrow was made a yellow lantern corps member during the Blackest night saga. It was a temporary thing lasting 24 hrs involving zombies, Hippies, love faeries and some guy named Hal. But I digress.

Lets get the Bios out of the way

And his stats:

For those of you who can't read these it might be time to see an optometrist.


Now can I really call this a weapon? I guess he could hit someone across the noggin with it if he wanted to. Diee heheh Die, Die hhhehehe. Then to throw off the CSI folks all he has to do is make it disappear.  Perfect FREAKING crime. Oh whoops Sorry watching Csi: Miami so my mind wandered there. Get them Horatio!! FOCUS!! Ok so Scarecrow comes with a yellow lantern. Well actually a goldish lantern for all you "Technical" folks. The lantern is cool but I wish it were metallic to make it POP. And with the way Scarecrow's hands are posed it can't really be held tightly by the figure.

BAF Piece

This is probably the reason this figure was bought by most folks. It comes with the right leg of the Anti-"I got a fly in my Mouth"- Monitor.

I know thats why I bought him at first. It was either pay $12 plus shipping for the leg on EVILBAY or buy the whole dang figure from Amazon for $10. I gotta tell you all I thought and processed it for weeks. Leg or Figure... fraking Scarecrow or Just the Leg hmmmm. Weeks later I decided to get the whole figure from Amazon. Well honestly I got a $5 Amazon gift card and hey $5 off is $5 off. So yeah.............

HEY IT'S THAT..................Scarecrow GUY!!!

Scarecrow, Scarecrow, Scarecrow, Its always about Scarecrow........ Shut Up Jan!!!
Ok I showed my age I know. Now I know what you are thinking its Scarecrow: How good can it be? Heck, he's the only guy that got beat up in all 3 movies!! While true that Scarecrow is some third rate villain that batman smacks around like a dime store Hooker* in the comics and movies, this figure has really surprised me.

* We at Dark Convoy inc understand that it is not right to smack around hookers. We also understand that it is the oldest profession in history. Heck if men could make a buck putting out we probably would.*

This guy is freaking awesome. First off Scarecrow has 13 points of articulation. I have to give Mattel credit where credit is due. They go all out on articulation on Skinny Whimpy Girly Man Figures. A knee joint and elbow joint. Its just awesome. Wish they would do it with the beefier characters. The only issue I have with the figure are the "Boo" hairy hands. While understandable for zombies, Mattel could have given him a slightly closed hand to hold his lantern properly. The over all look of the figure looks really close to its Comic representation. the yellow and Black Sinestro corps Uniform looks good on scarecrow.

Here's a few pics by my son Sam:
Go into the Light Carol Ann!!




Ok while I bought this figure to be cheap and not over pay for just the leg, I am glad that I got him. He really is a figure worth buying. Now I wish he had more detail on the "hay" parts cause instead of looking like hay it looks like he's just a hairy sucker who needs to buy a razor. Or stop watching so much Porn on the internet. Don't you know that you can go blind from doing that, Buddy. But thats just nitpicking on my end. A nitpick that can be easily fixed with a paint brush. He just needs a little love. This is one figure that belongs on any Green Lantern fan's shelf.

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