Sunday, November 4, 2012

Transformers Generations Ultimate Gift Set Thundercracker

Hey there,

 Well its time for another review. Today's review will cover Transformers Generations Ultimate Gift Set Thundercracker. As I am a Huge Thundercracker fan I just had to pick up this figure. He is part of the 4 pack set you can get from Big bad toy store and Hasbro Toy Shop . Now there is a $10 price difference between Bbts and HTS so take that into consideration.

Thundercracker like Motorbreath is also available from TRU. But at $10 a piece why not spend the extra $20 and get all 4 figures. That and we know how scalpers like to live at TRU so it may be easier to get it from one of the Online Vendors.

Thundercracker doesn't have a bio on this package but did have stats:


Thundercracker is loosely based off a F-15 Eagle a blue one. Now this mold is a recolored slightly modified Starscream legends figure. It was modified to allow the addition of the new blasters given to the figure:
Unfortunately the weapons don't sit right when attached and point inward. Which is probably a bad thing if Thundercracker had a pilot.
 Here is a better pic from above:
Now the tabs of the weapons pop out of the wings which takes away from the jet mode. But if you take the weapons off it shows the holes made on the wings. Which really makes it look odd:


The figure has a real strong G1 Appearance. He has ball jointed shoulders allowing the motion allowed with them. The lower legs are also on ball joints but since this figure can't stand on one leg they are kinda useless. Now one point of note the new weapons do not connect to the figures arms but can be put on his wings and held in his hands.

Lets see hmm. Ok as a TC fan it was a must have for me. For G1 fans a must have. For you folks who joined late and don't even know who Thundercracker is well pass on it individually. It is not worth the $10 plus they want at TRU. Buy it at the $30 price that includes all the other figures. It is very limited articulation wise and the Jet mode was basterdized by the addition of the weapons and holes made to hold them.