Thursday, October 11, 2012

Transformers Generations Ultimate Gift Set Motorbreath

Hey Folks today's review is Transformers Generations Ultimate Gift Set Motorbreath.
I have heard others call him Nemesis Prime, Scourge, and Motormaster. Myself I like the name Motorbreath. Motorbreath was part of the 4 pack you can get from Big Bad toy Store .

It is also available as one of the Asia Exclusives at your local TRU. Of course it will cost you close to $10 there. But between fighting the scalpers who seem to live at TRU. The $40 price tag on the 4 pack sounds better to me now.

Motorbreath does not come with a bio but the back of the package did include his stats:


Motorbreath is the same Truck used in the prior released Optimus Prime Legends class gen 1 figure. He does have a slight change in a post on the back of his head/top of the truck to post his sword Weapon on. It is colored Black, Silver and a slight Grey on the back. Very cool looking truck overall.


Same robot Mode as the Optimus just the different color scheme. Oh wait he does have a large Hole in his head now. So I guess that's different.


Unlike Optimus, Motorbreath comes with a Sword. Its a pretty cool looking sword in fact. Like stated above the figure was modded to hold the sword in both vehicle and robot mode. But it also adds to the fact that he may have been based on the character Motormaster.
Slap WHAT I tell you bout lyin Jimmy SLAP SLAP SLAP........ But I wasn't Ma I wasn't......"


Ok this figure is just too cool to pass up. It really is. Now I would recommend the 4 pack over the single carded version any day. The 4 pack includes Thundercracker , Jazz, and G2 Optimus. A total win win situation in any book.