Thursday, November 15, 2012

STICKERS, Stickers, Stickers...... UPDATED

Ok so on the reprolabels facebook page a few weeks back I asked about certain Stickers being made and some smart ass commented that we should be happy with what we got and not make requests because only reprolabels makes stickers. Well First off  that person was in no way connected to reprolabels and was well just being a turd. But it did make me wonder. Are there others that do make stickers?

Well after a search I found another site that does.

Well I decided to put them to the test and compare the 2 companies:


Small inventory of Sticker Sets. As can be seen here: LIST OF STICKERS Now there is a promise that they are eventually making more sets available but at this point nothing yet. Reprolabels, LARGE inventory of sticker sets. Just huge.



Lower Prices. Every Sticker set that TFK has is cheaper then the reprolabel price. EVERY SET. Here are some examples:
G1 Galvatron
TFK: No Preapplied   $6.49   /   Repro:  With preapplied $18
G1 Jetfire     
 TFK:         $8.99        /   Repro: Extra Stickers included $28
G1 Fort Max   
 TFK:  Less Stickers $36.99    /   Repro:   More Stickers $48

Now I noticed that the TFK ones had less stickers on some of the sets so I went searching to find some where the sets looked similar and here they are:

G1 thundercracker  
       TFK:       $5.49                  Repro:                 $10
G1 Grimlock     
       TFK:      $ 3.79                  Repro:                  $6
G1 Mirage       
      TFK:      $5.99                    Repro:                $9
G1 Reflector     
      TFK:       $4.79                    Repro:                $7

Ok now this one was tough because like stated a few of the sets were not the same. But on those that were all out the same I have to give the win to TFK. Again On the Stickers that were the same. On the stickers that were slightly different it woul really fall to whichever set works best for your needs.


 Reprolabels has a flat rate of $3. TF Kingdom has free Shipping on all their G1 Stickers.
Winner: TFK


Reprolabels has a single payment option of Paypal. TF Kingdom takes payments from both Paypal and Google Wallet.
Honestly I count this as a tie. Google Wallet is ok but most have never heard of it or use it so......


. Well after looking at both these sites and wondering if maybe the lower price was due to lower quality stickers. So I decided to do a test to check both companies out. As I have a trade in the works for a Diaclone Grimlock I figured why not order that set and a few others from Tf Kingdom and a few sets from Reprolabels that are not offered at TFK. I figured I would compare the sets once they get here.

So on Nov 10th I ordered and paid for the sets from both Companies.

On Nov 11th Tfk sent me an email that my order was received and would be going out soon.
On Nov 12th I got a message that the Stickers were mailed
Today NOV 15,  I received the stickers from TFK
Here is what the G1 Grimlock stickers I received look like:
Which look s a lot like the Reprolabel ones they show on their page:
They look as if they are exactly the same set.


No Updates

Nov. 18th: Reprolabels has yet to respond but from others on their facebook page it seems to be the norm. Here are some comments:

Caked Up I haven't gotten my sticker or a response to my inquiry yet. Can someone who works for them nudge April for me please.

Michael Garibay There's a lot of weird variation to their shipping time frames
Some times I hear from them in a day or two some times it takes a lot longer

I placed a $35 order on the 9th and haven't heard anything yet

Kevin Johnson No shipping notice for me, and 2 and a half months later, no stickers either.

NOV. 23rd: No email no stickers as of yet. I have been told by a few folks that it usually takes 2 weeks for the stickers to arrive. So tomorrow is the day I hope they come in

So,...... so far in Customer Service TFK is the winner. Now I understand that Reprolabel is a larger business and probably doesn't have the time to email every single purchaser so I will consider them an INCOMPLETE. I do understand that Tfkingdom is a smaller business so I will take that into consideration. I will update this post once I receive the stickers from reprolabels.

DEC 1st:
They have arrived. Ok first off they arrive in the same manner that the other set from TFK arrived in a Long White Envelope. Inside the envelope the stickers are sandwiched in between these 2 advertising cardboards that look like this:
One problem I did have issue with was the postage on the envelope:

Yep folks that says 45 cents. Between the postage costs and the envelope that would make it roughly 65 cents to ship the stickers to me. So when you take into account the $3 flat rate shipping cost it kinda make you feel a little jipped. Now I know folks will say hey they added the 2 pieces of cardboards and they look cool. But I really don't feel like paying for their advertising and would have been happy with any type of protection if it saved me on the shipping cost overall. Maybe they should just hide postage cost option that pitney Bowes offers that way folks won't feel the same way I did.

Ok on to the stickers. The stickers are spot on quality wise as tfk. They even have a few cut mishaps. So nothing really different to make them better then TFK.


Well I have to say the test was very revealing. TFK while it had limited stickers did have cheaper prices (on select sometimes limited stickers) faster shipping times and cheaper shipping. Also the customer service was top notch. Reprolabels on the other hand had way more variety but then had higher prices, way slower shipping times and higher shipping costs (which may be inflated) and no customer service at all. Now the differences might be due to the size of the companies and customer counts. Would reprolabels help themselves by having better customer relations............... Yes. Would TFK help themselves by having more stickers.... Yes. So while both companies have their good and their bad in the final view you need to pick the company that works best for you.

UPDATE: 9/9/2015

After several purchases from both companies I have decided to bring up some of the changes:

Tfkingdom is mostly on ebay now. So contacting them is usually faster that route. If you contact them on their site it takes a while and they sometimes have to be reminded of the order if placed on their site. They still offer miscut stickers at a discount. They also give them for free when you buy one correctly cut set. But they clearly say this when buying from them. Shipping is still pretty quick but now costs 99 cents. While their sticker selection is better it is still not the same selection as toyhax. For a cheaper option on G1 and diaclone stickers with no extra frills they are the route to go.

Toyhax is now faster with their shipping process. What used to take a month now takes a week and a half. But then again I live in Texas and they are in Canada. Customer service is way better now that they have become toyhax and you are contacted same or next day if there are any issues or questions. You can also post a comment on their facebook page and get a quick reply. Sticker selection is huge at toyhax as they carry sets from G1 to the latest line and even 3rd party figures.

Now as for quality both companies have stepped up. Glue quality is the same for the most part. But there are issues that arise. My zinnia sticker set from toyhax did not stick properly and still start to peal up. In the end both companies have their good and their bad. This review was made to show there is another option.