Saturday, September 29, 2012

Transformers Prime Commander Class Skyquake

Tonight's review will be Transformers Prime Commander Class Skyquake.

Don't want to read watch the review here: YOUTUBE REVIEW

Skyquake is a Decepticon Demolitions Expert. Why are all the commander class figures Demolitions folks? I guess if you can blow crap up you are commander toy material? Ok so his Bio reads as so:

Bursting out of his earthbound tomb, Skyquake is eager to once again bring battle to the hated Autobots. Wherever his lord and master Megatron Commands him to aim his destructive power, he goes, and brings devastation to his enemies.

Well now that makes some sense his whole being listed as a demolitions expert. He is or actually was the guy you send to blow stuff up.

And here are his stats:


Skyquake is a Green Jet with Red and Tan highlights. His translucent parts are orange.
I find it funny that from above his translucent part sorta forms a heart. I guess he was actually a big believer of Peace and Love. Dang Hippie....


Skyquake looks pretty sharp in robot mode. He does have some large shoulder pads though.Which do hinder his arm movement. But hey its not like he has to pick up anything above his head. His forearms and shoulders are ball jointed so they do have pretty good movement. His hips also have a ball/swivel joint which is used in transformation. This is a good and bad thing. The ball joint let it have a good range of motion but due to the swivel-out movement used in transforming it, the socket tends to pop off the Ball part. I recommend that the first time it pops off to swivel the joint around a bit to loosen the part a little. That way it wont keep popping off the ball due to the force necessary to swivel the legs out.


Skyquake comes with the two orange Translucent weapons below:
They can be placed under the wings of the jet like pictured below. They seem kind of off to me. But not as off as having one huge "Gattling" gun under one wing of a jet fighteras they show on the instructions. Now I could be wrong but I thing having one "Gattling" Gun  might make the plane spin in the air. Just sayin....

AWW He's going to Do a CAREBEAR SHARE!!! HIPPIE LOVE!!!!

Ok now you can combine the weapons together to make the "Gattling" gun of death which can be held by skyquake in robot mode:

Ok I have to say I know I have knocked on this figure a bit but I like it. It does have its issues like the hip joints.  But they are all workable with. The Orange seems out of place considering his highlights are red. As for the Heart well Hey even Big freaking Demolitions Experts need Love. In the end I would recommend this guy in a heartbeat. Even at the overpriced $10 price point these figures have. So go HUG a giant alien Robot today.

***** We at Dark Convoy INC. DO NOT recommend hugging a Giant Alien robot in real life. That can only lead to 2 things. 1. Institutionalization (due to you seeing Giant Alien Robots.) 2. Being killed or stepped on. Which is a bad thing. (Unless you are into that type of thing) ********