Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Transformers Prime Legends Class Vehicon

For tonight's review I will be covering Transformers Prime Legends Class Vehicon.

The Vehicon's are the Assault Infantry for the Decepticon Army. Which makes sense Infantry are usually the first ones in and the first ones to well Die. Might as well use drone forces for that task. Their Bio reads as so:

The Vehicons aren't always Happy about their duties, but they follow orders without question. Mostly because they are more afraid of their Commanders than they are of Whatever the Autobots will do to them.

And his stats are:


The Vehicon transforms in to a Futuristic Batmobile. Just Kidding its just a Black funky looking car with Grey Stripe Purple Highlights and Feet sticking out the back of it.

Mine doesn't really close together right which you can see from the top:

The Whole feet sticking out the back is well ....... Yeah...........................Hmmm.............

 Seriously This guy a truly a robot in disguise. Those feet would make no one wonder at all.


Well The vehicon is an easily transformed robot. Just stand him on his back Feet and he is done. Well not really but his simple transformation reminds me of the old RID cartoon spychangers. His robot mode Does look decent but you can clearly see the front of the car above his head.

His movements are sorta limited due to his being basically a shell former but still has the average amount of movement for a figure in this class.


Vehicon comes with a Light Purple Translucent axe blad/Gun combo looking thing that can be placed on his vehicle mode like so :

And also on his Robot mode hand. Problem with this is that the figure can only hold it in a down position due to the weight of the weapon itself. So no Shooting at the Autobots in front of him but works really well to shoot holes in the ground. Which we all know is a very useful trait for a weapon.


Well to say I am sorta disappointed with this figure would be saying alot. He sorta has a hard time standing if not holding his weapon like a cane. This is one of those figures you wish the designers actually played with before pushing it out to the public. I have to say considering these guys are getting closer every week to the $7 price range I need to say pass on this one and save the cash for the $15 Deluxe one.