Friday, September 28, 2012

Transformers Prime Commander Class Ultra Magnus

Ok I know it has been a while. Just Lazy on my end really. For today's review Commander Class Ultra Magnus will be my victim.

Don't want to read watch the review here: YOUTUBE REVIEW

Magnus is an Autobot of course and his bio reads as so:

As the Commander of the most Elite Autobot Special Forces unit ever assembled, You'd expect Ultra Magnus to be just about one of the most Unstoppable warriors this side of the Galactic core. You'd be right.

But then his stats cards mark him as heavy munitions:

 Which doesn't really scream out as a Commander type position. Heavy munitions are the guys they send out to destroy stuff the gun bunnies so to say. Never knew a gun bunny that was higher than a sergeant. But oh well.

Magnus' vehicle mode is a Blue flat bed truck with a red stripe:
Its a really tough looking truck but when looked from on top you can clearly see the robot's legs:
Now I understand he is a lower price point figure but they could have at least found a way to cover that.

Here's where the figure really stands out. Magnus is a very strong looking robot with only one glaring issue. His torso. It is wide on the on the top but very short in length. Which makes his arms look very long and his legs like they are a well paid strippers long legs * (*). Which would work if he was spinning on a pole but not for this Munitions expert. 

Magnus comes with a Battle Hammer. Which reminds me a lot of the hammer Animated Magnus carried. Which was surprising considering how that show was so disliked. It is made in a light blue translucent plastic.
The Hammer can be converted to fit the vehicle mode which in my opinion looks like a water cannon. I don't know if its supposed to be a fire truck of some kind but it has that feel.

I have to say I like Magnus. All his joints are Ball joints. Which as we all know is both good and bad. One they give you great movement but then they pop off all the time. His weapon is cool looking and I liked animated so I don't mind that as much. I do like the look of the figure seems powerful in stature. Now I wish he would have been cheaper then the $10 price point he has but thems the breaks. He doesn't feel cheap plastic wise unlike the deluxe class figures of the Prime line. I would recommend this figure. Especially if you can get them on sale.

* I in no way want folks to think I don't support strippers. I think it is an honorable job. Heck I recommend that every one help them pay for their college education.