Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Takara Transformers Device label Broad Blast / Blaster

Hey there folks time for another review.

Don't Feel Like Reading Watch it here:
Or you can watch it below.

For today it is Takara's Device Label Broad Blast/ Blaster. Broad Blast is based off a Toshiba Laptop. It is grey in color and can also be used as 4 port usb Hub. As can be seen here:

As can be seen it has reprolabels on it. You can purchase the Stickers here:

Opened up Blaster looks Like this:

Thanks to the labels The Laptop now has Keyboard Letters:

The red Screen was already on there. Nothing really Special about the mode honestly. There is no real connection in this mode to Broad Blast / Blaster in any way.


Here is where the fun begins. Once transformed Broad Blast / Blaster really starts looking like his G1 roots:

It has a lot of the same Aesthetics that the g1 robot put out there. Now the gun did not come with the figure. Actually nothing but a usb cord came with the figure. The back of the figure is kinda lacking as all you see is the top of the laptop:

"Hey Folks can you tell me what he transforms into?"

The figure has ball joints in the arms and Lower arms. On mine the Lower arm ball joints are too week to hold up the weapon. I figure a spot of clear coat nail polish can fix that. The legs can rotate in and out and the knees back and forth. Which gives it great articulation:

I'm A Dancing!!!


Ok this Figure thus have some issues.

1. The head is not on a ball joint so it only turns left and right.
2. The Usb Hub does not work. There is No way to see if its on. And once connected it asks to be charged. Never heard of a Usb hub that needed to be charged.
3. It makes no sense to use it as a Hub because the bottom of the laptop is the Front of the robot. So you are guaranteed it will be scratched
4. It comes with no weapon. And even though I got the Weapon with it off ebay. I just know that they will probably hard to find and expensive.
5. Reprolabels are a Must for this figure. While I usually don't like stating stuff like that the computer looked really boring with out them. Also Be aware if you do get the stickers use tweezers to put them on. Even with clean hands your fingerprints WILL show up on the Letters clear plastic.

So taking all that into effect. This figure is a must have as a collectible figure but a Pass if you are looking for a Usb Hub. I would recommend finding it on ebay or getting one that comes with the reprolabels already included.