Saturday, August 18, 2012

Do I attract bad traders?!?!

Ok here is another problem trader blog.

The tool in question today is Joshbow on Now Tradecardsnow is a great site. Love the atmosphere and the other people there. Problem is its full of kids. Josh is one of those. Josh and I agreed to a trade where he was going to send me 5 Gu cards for 2 autos. I was kinda hesitant cause he really didn't have anything I wanted. But I went ahead and agreed. Here are the 5 cards I was suppose to get in the deal:

And some other one. 

Well Josh decided it was a wise idea to send all 5 GU cards in a Plain white #10 envelope. Unfortunately for those of you who don't know those Plain White envelopes go through a sorting machine. Well that sorting machine doesn't like thick envelopes. So sadly I got the envelope torn with nothing in it and a sticker that said arrived at post office damaged. If Josh did actually send I have no Idea. But I am assuming he did.

Well I posted a thread asking who sent me that Envelope on a few boards. I had no idea what was in it at the time. Josh replied that it was his and that he would send me a replacement package. I said ok he asked what sport and I said Football. Well I got the package today:
So as was seen I got a package full of damaged cards. Well I went to his photobucket to get pics of the cards he sent so I could post them here. And I noticed a few things. The cards that were damaged were damaged before hand. Here are his own scans:
If you look at Aaron Brooks left hand you can see a line going up in the green area that is the crease. Can't see it on the white part but clearly visible on the green

On this one you can clearly see the damage all on top and on the area by the football.

On the other cards I noticed how they are cropped just enough so that the edges of the cards don't show. Very Convenient. I also noticed another thing All the cards that were "SENT" the first time are still pictured in his photobucket.  Now I don't know if he's just too lazy to take them off or if its something else. But it does look shady.

So either way Josh I will no longer trade with you and will ship back your stuff ASAP. Why because you knew the cards you mailed me that "SECOND" time were Damaged and you did it anyway. When you contacted me to fix the first mailing you told me this :

there were a couple pretty good ones. i dont remember them all of the top of my head, but i remember a kellen clemens rookie jersey, a brian robiskie/Muhammad massaquoi dual rookie jersey #'d /(i think) 500. those are the only two i can 100% guarantee; i dont remember the rest. i also included some autographs, rookies, and some base cards with a BV of more than $1.00.

And I have to say I am not Happy. The damaged cards you sent are worthless. So Josh You earned yourself a Post in the Blog of Shame. So good luck with all future trades.

Also just an FYI Josh has done this to other folks as can be seen here:

UPDATE: Josh has Replied:

Godamn, dude. Didn't have to be such an ass about it. I tried to make it up. Im super low on inventory and I sent you the equivalent BV as the ones that were lost. So I'm sorry all my cards aren't museum quality. I hope this makes you thik twice before being such a complete jerk. You can keep your Letterman cards because they're not worth it. Never trading with you again. If I see you going to do a trade with someone, im going to warn them. I tried to make it up. You should have just accepted and gotten it over with, you selfish jerk-off.

So to reply to Josh. Wow are you really that DENSE? How can damaged Cards be equivalent to undamaged ones? Museum Quality? Hell they weren't even dollar store quality. I mean seriously you saw nothing wrong on sending me damaged JUNK!!! That and its kinda stupid for you to say that you will never trade with me again. Because I had already told you I would Never trade with you AGAIN EVER. SO yeah you know you are right you will NEVER trade with me again. As for warning others. Please man I have over 300 positive trades. You have done 3 and all 3 have had issues.  So yeah people are really going to believe a problem trader. And trying to make up for a mistake with Damaged junk is not making up anything at all. And Sorry No I would not will not and should not accept junk. So get over yourself and become a good trader instead of the joke you have shown yourself to be.

In the end folks do right to your fellow traders and all good things will happen.