Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Iron Army T-34 and Tiger-1

Today I am going to review 2 of the 4 robots of the 3rd party Iron Army set.

Lets start with the Tanks. They are named T-34 and Tiger 1. Why? Because that's what the actual tanks they are based on are named. Kinda cheap but it works.
Both figures come with Tech Cards and instructions as shown:

Because the figures are very Simple the instructions are not really needed. The tech cards which is common on 3rd party items are glossed up but nothing special. They also come with foot pads.
As can be seen there is a cannon looking attachment that unfolds from under the foot. This allows it to become a weapon like so:
Unfortunately the pads are too heavy for the bots to hold and just too large. That and they only connect to the tanks by removing their turrets. Which I forgot to take the picture of Sorry.

 As stated they are both tanks.

Is based off a Tiger I German heavy tank developed in 1942 and used in World War II.
It is very detailed as the maker went all out on the paint apps. The Turret does turn and the Barrel does go up but it is limited by the blast shield on the back of it. 

Is based off a T-34 Soviet medium tank produced from 1940 to 1958.
It is also Very detailed. The Turret also turns and the Barrel goes up farther then it's brothers. 

Ok now for some together shots.

The Turrets are removable and interchangeable. 


Ok these guys are awesome in robot mode. Their turrets do become their weapons. They are very articulated and can be set in various poses as seen. They also have decent paint apps. Those grey clips in front of them are used to connect to the bots to the foot pads. Unfortunately they do suffer from a few things first their heads are not on a ball joint so no lookinge up for these guys just left and right. Second Tiger-1 has an issue with his arms. The joint used to connect his lower arm is not long enough so it doesn't allow his lower arm to fold all the way as shown:
Then there is the size of these guys. Now I understand the PCC commanders are small so these guys have to be similar in size but these guys are Legends Commanders size. Here they are by Ironhide:
Yep he is actually taller. 


Ok so how do these guys look combined to the Pcc Commander .:
In my Opinion they look great they add a bulkiness that the original drones did not. And they add height to the originals. Not just a little but alot:
Almost the double the original drones height. 


Overall these guys are great. Now like stated they do have some issues but nothing major. Quality wise the plastic does feel cheaper then say fan project items. But they do not feel KO cheap. Also some of the ball joints have already gotten loose on mine but that is an easy fix. Money wise they aren't too pricey but I would wait till they got a little cheaper before buying them. Next up their Plane brothers.