Saturday, July 28, 2012

Iron Army J7 Shinden P51 Mustang

For today's review I will be doing the Other 2 members of the Iron Army Pcc Combiners Set. 

This time around it is J7 Shinden and P51 Mustang. They also got their names from the actual fighter planes they are based off. They also came with the same instructions and tech cards as before:
And again because these figures are very Simple the instructions are not really needed. The tech cards which is common on 3rd party items are glossed up but nothing special. They also come with Larger Robot hands to be used when combined.
These hands have the same grey connection plug used with the foot pads of their Tank Brothers. But with these they slide out which gives some maneuverability to the hand. If slid in in one direction the hand can go up and down. But if slid the other way it will allow the hand to go left and right as shown:

J7 Shinden

J7 Shinden is based off The Kyūshū J7W1 Shinden (震電, "Magnificent Lightning") fighter that was a World War II Japanese propeller-driven aircraft prototype that was built in a canard design. More Info on the Fighter can be found here J7Shinden

By this it simply means the Propeller is on back. Just like the others in the line the plane is very detailed:

Here is what the Back of the aircraft looks like. Unfortunately you can clearly see the hands of the robot from this angle. 
The Propeller is free moving and rotates with no issues. 

P51 Mustang

Mustang for short is based off The North American Aviation P-51 Mustang which was an American long-range, single-seat fighter and fighter-bomber used during World War II, the Korean War and several other conflicts. More Info Can Be found here: P51 Mustang
The details on these guys are Great

Ok now some together Shots:

Now for the Robot Modes.
Both Robots have Weapons made up from fin parts of their vehicle modes:

Unfortunately these weapons suffer from issues. I don't know if you can see it from the greenish brown weapon but there is already Stress Marks. And coming from a collector who doesn't play with the toys on a daily basis this is a bad sign. Also their Handles for the robot to hold the weapons have no easy way to lower them or for them to be placed onto the robots hand.
So you either have to use a toothpick or leave them lowered at all times. 
Both Robots have limited articulation

Take a Squat Brother!!!

Now the the the upper arms and upper legs are on ball joints but everything else can only move either in and out or left to right. Their heads Would have been better if they were on ball joints. 

Combined to the pcc they look like this:
Which is far better then this:

Far Better then before I think. 

Issues and Concerns

Over All these guys are the redheaded stepchildren of these sets. It feels like the Tanks got the Love from the creators and these guys were just an After thought and rushed. Both of these figures feel cheaper quality wise. The Plastic on these feels Ko cheap. Their legs in Particular suffer from this badly. Both figures look almost rejected Gobot wise. Something not shared with their Tank Brothers. Then there are the issues with the weapons the stress marks are scary on a weapon that was "transformed" maybe 4 times total. Also add in the fact that neither plane has landing gear and both these figures just go Downhill. 


Ok Over all these sets will be purchased because of the Tanks. The Planes just lack on several areas. I would recommend choosing one form and leaving them that way. These guys look pretty but I doubt they can be handled.  These guys can be best be described in the same way the Knight Morpher Commander was when First released: 
A phrase used so that folks wouldn't complain about all its issues. Yep not a Transforming toy but a "COLLECTIBLE". These molds will not survive regular play wear. They will break. AGAIN THEY WILL BREAK. I cannot honestly recommend them to folks who do like playing with their transformers. Just those who buy them test them out and then mostly display will get their money's worth. I would recommend waiting for a sale and even so buy at your own risk. I have yet to decide what to review next Transformers wise so if anyone has an idea let me know.