Thursday, July 5, 2012

Stay Away from Facebook Card Trading Groups.

Stay away from Face-book Card trading groups!!!!! 

I have done 3 trades on fb trade groups and they all turned out bad. That and the Mods on that FB groups are a bunch of lying thieves. I had one of them contact me yesterday about a guy complaining about me on his group. Saying I had agreed to do a trade and then traded the card to someone else. Well this is true. But what the guy left out was the details. The guy calling me out is Jason Alan Miles. Here is some back ground: in ALL my trades I ask for 3 things DC, Send same time, and Padded Envelope. I do that with everyone. The only time I stray away from that is if they are a new trader I then expect them to send first.
I did 3 trades with Mister Miles.
Here is how those trades went:

Trade 1: Jason Stated he would send out same time. He didn't, it took him 3 weeks after he received to send out. Without DC

I then told him look from now on you are a must send first guy and DC is always required since I can't trust you. He agreed.

Trade 2: He sent out half the trade then wanted me to send out before he would send the other half. I disagreed and said I would send him his stuff back.

Trade 3: He offered me a lot of base and inserts for a $150 card that I had been sitting on. I agreed. He told me he sent out. Then 3 days later he told me he had sent out that morning. But forgot to use dc or even have the receipt to prove he mailed out. I waited nothing. I said sorry can't send out with out receiving. I then traded the card to someone else.

Now I have done some research on Mister Miles cause I always found it odd how he didn't want to trade on scf or beckett . Here is what I found:
Jason Alan Miles
And if you do a search using those user-names you will find that he has been banned on several other sites also. Heck one of his negatives states this:
 I shipped, he did not, 2 months and nothing but exuses, proceed with caution

Now on to the Mod Mister Tom Murry. A mod that Jason Alan Miles himself had issues with:

David Aguero
Tom Jason Miles asked me to message you about the shipment of his cards. So you might want to contact him.

5 MayTom Murry
And I told him I would ship it when I had time, just like he took his sweet time paying people back that he owed money to. I told him he would get it and he will, even though he told me I should just sell the card, I didnt.

David Aguero
Ok cool I will tell him. Please don't think I am taking his side or anything. I have had issues with him also in the past. He just asked me to ask. Hope you get your money and such.

5 MayTom Murry
I had to go after him for 2 other people because he was being lazy and getting peoples cards and then not paying them. I told him my next call was to the police. I banned him from trading for a month until he got his act together. Didnt think you were taking sides at all.

Too Funny right!!!

He asked me to go on his group Sports Card & Entertainment Hangout (just a little tidbit that group has changed its name 4 times) to "Defend" myself. I did so and defended myself and then he asked for proof that showed I asked him to use dc. I provided. He then asked me if I wanted to trade.

Tom Murry
If you want to trade with me, Id be OK with it. I do ask that most people send first, but I have 250+ trades on facebook in just the last 6 months. I am thinking thats nothing but BS there.

I said sure on Scf. He goes no too negative there.

Tom Murry
ive seen lots of things posted about the place and I just dont care for the trade sites anymore. Too many rules, everyone likes to be in cliques, just not interested in that stuff anymore

I found that suspicious. SO I did a google search on Mister Murry and here is what I found:
30. Beckett ID: Uniquepieces, Hotcardsman
Real Name/Alias: Tom Murray, Tom Murry
Address: 2 Glenn Hollin Apt. D
Elm Grove, WV 26003
Other Sites ID's: The Bench - ladodgersfan200, Cardtradingfools - Tom Murry, Sportscardsheriff - myhotcards
AIM: ladodgersin2004

Watch out for him on many other sites including SCF, SCS, Cardtradingfools

Different Member Numbers associated with different beckett ids

And He's A MOD. I laughed and wrote HAHHAH hey you are a banned member too man no wonder you don't want to trade on scf. And said man I have to go. Imagine if I had traded with him. I would have been another person he ripped off.

So beware these face-book groups. I was once told by a mod at scf that most of these facebook groups are made up of people that were banned from the larger forums. Which seems to be very true now to me at least and explains why none of them want to do trades on any of the big forums.