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Renderform RF-016 Death Czar Upgrade Kit Transformers Deathsarus review

Well I am finally out and ready to do a new review. I swear you tell one doctor you are waiting for your brothers from Aguero10 to pick you up in their spaceship and they automatically think you are nuts. Luckily I told them I am related to soccer star Sergio Aguero and can get them all autographs so they let me out early! Up today is a figure I was able to trade with a friend for. While I have the retail version of this figure what I didn't have is the Renderform RF-016 Death Czar aka Deathsaurus add-on parts and toyhax sticker set that he had added to his Transformers Beast Hunters Darksteel action figure.

RF-016 Death Czar Add on kit

On the renderform site it doesn't show some of the accessories that were included with my new figure so I don't know is this is the 100 LE second run or maybe a few things added from somewhere else in addition with the set. Mine came with :

Deathsaurus Head


I really like the look of the head. It has a strong headmasters cartoon look and feel. The colors match the figure as well. The plastic is nice and feels sturdy. Unfortunately it also has an over sized right eye. This really hurts the face of this custom head. I keep thinking this con is looking at me perplexed and saying "What the Hell!!" Hopefully I can paint it and cover it up a bit cause it's freaking me out man. Stop looking at me dammit!!


Jimmy Blanco: Cool pics. FYI the head gimmick was explained when,it,was live on Renderform and a majority of,the fan response said they didn't care and to produce! 

While I can understand the pleasing of the fans. At some point the designer should have thought long term and made a simple notch on the light pipping piece and gotten it right. But then again that's my opinion.

 The gun included is a large dark grey rifle with a bayonet connected to the bottom of it. A nice touch is the D-336  imprinted on the blade that coincides with Deszaras's Japanese ID number. The rifle fits perfectly into the robots clawed hands.The gun has some weight but still feels oddly light. Plastic quality of the rifle feels weird as well. Almost like a bad burger king toy or crayon. Now I am not saying it is a weak plastic just saying it has a weird texture and feel to it.


 I have not been able to find this attachment on the renderform website. I have no idea where it came from or who made it. But I am sure someone will say "Hey stupid it this..."
 UPDATE** I was right someone let me know what this piece is!! Jimmy Blanco states the shield is a Kabaya Deszaras shield glued to" ***  So there you have it folks it is the Kabaya Deszaras shield. This shield works and looks good as well. Mine was missing 2 screws so I took them from a junker robot I had and used those. This in turn made the piece more solid. The grey on the shield is a better match to the figures grey then the gun.

Ball & Chain Attachment

Another mystery added piece. Like the shield it works and looks like a closer match to the original Transformers Prime Darksteel figure's color scheme than the renderform custom parts. The blue on the attachment piece actually matches the blue on the toyhax leg stickers as well. It's also pretty fun to play with. Why you running Adam!?! Let me hit you across the head again!! It's just a toy dammit.

 Robot Mode 

Everyone looks cool when pointing a gun up into the sky!

 The robot mode and its articulation is exactly the same as it's retail release. No added articulation with the add on kit at all. Come to think of it the new head hinders the heads overall movement. While it is nice to look at the new head, it doesn't take advantage of the ball joint other than spinning a full 360. It can't be rotated upwards. The sticker set does give a nice upgraded look onto the mostly blue predacon body. What was nice is the addition of a clear Decepticon sticker added onto the wings. The white really pops against the orange wing stickers. The add on parts don't hinder the robot mode at all and with the great articulation the toy already had some interesting gun poses can be uh posed. The stickers, toy mold, and upgraded head work well together and nicely match the Transformers Victory breastmaster Deathsaurus look.

Don't mind the gun pointed at your chest!

Beast Mode

Ok, with all the good there has to be some bad right? Well this is exactly where the bad comes into fruition, mostly due to the slagging head. The upgraded head is too large to fit into the hollow area the original head went into. To change it into dragon mode the grey rotating piece for the head has to be detached from the dragon neck. Once flipped, the head piece cradles into the hollow neck area. The piece is simply laid onto the area and not able to be attached.Upon examining the head, I think if it had a groove made to allow the ball joint's stem to go through, it would have fixed this clearance issue and given the head the ability to look up.  The larger rifle does not fit into the post on the dragon's back or tail bone unfortunately. I was thinking of filing it down to fit, but then the fear of it being thinned out too much to fit properly into the robots hands came into mind. The shield and ball and chain attachments fit perfectly though, making me believe strongly  that they are indeed from some other set. So off to the side the large gun goes to wonder why it is so useless in dragon mode.

Good Doggy!


 The toyhax sticker sheet works great. The Hasbro action figure works. The renderform add on kit works.... robot mode. They all add up to make a great representation of the Decepticon General Deathsarus in robot mode. Someone every autobot should fear. Unfortunately the renderform parts don't work well at all in beast mode. The head and gun handle tolerances are really bad issues in the design. Now I know some White Knights will try to defend the guy by saying things like "Hey be happy the guy designed and made them" and "He's a good guy you just don't know him", blaa, blaa, blaa.  But to this I say hey he designed them for a transformer. A transformer is a robot that well transforms (yes I know about Action Masters) from robot mode into another shape. Now if this was a non-transforming robot like say a Gundam (and yes I know some gundams transform)  then this set would be perfect. Unfortunately designers need and should take these alt modes into consideration when designing parts for Transformers. Now I am not a designer but a slotted light pipping back piece has been designed and used a lot. Was there no way to think of that hollow area situation while designing a head that goes into it? Is a handle that has only one place to go into in beast mode that hard to design for? So while I am happy with the overall look of the kit for this figure I still feel a little more could be done to make it work better. Heck I even ordered an "instock" RF-015F Night Shade Final Edition 4 months ago and plan to review that once it or if it ever gets here as well. Now to get back to those "Autographed" cards. Uh does anyone know how to spell Sergio Aguero in Spanish?

Sleek and Stylish

No more beggin strips for you. 
So stop looking at me like that.

My Crayon Blaster is so awesome!

Conan had nothing on me!

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