Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Takara Tomy Transformers GO - G01 Kenzan Samurai Review

GoGo Transformers, Go Rangers, you mighty Morphing Transformers Go Raaangers....

On today's episode kids, Go Ranger leader Kenzan attempts to do a stripper pole kick to Rita Repulsa's second chin!!

Well I went ahead and got the last of the Transformers Go combiner figures I needed Kenzan. For some "UNKNOWN" reason, the price on these bad boys keep dropping. So for a whopping $15 shipped I figured why the heck not, and picked him up.  Let's check out this action figure in all its glory shall we.

Vehicle Mode

Kenzan is a white with blue highlights, Japanese-style police interceptor vehicle.

Dude is that a giant head on your roof?

The vehicle has no police emblems on it, but I am sure that red light on top means it is a cop car in Japan. Maybe toyhax (aka Reprolabels) will make some cop stickers to complete this robot. You know, like the ones they made for the Impossible Toys Bumblebee set...... Oh wait.  That's right, that hasn't been made maybe not. Still Kenzan is a stylish "cop" car and when you press a button on the back it makes a siren sound and spouts out something making fun of Davestator's haircut in Japanese. ***ああDavestatorあなたはカーリー・スーのように見えます!***

Why are you smiling at me like that? Stop Already!!

The weapons storage under the vehicle is a great touch that helps eliminate kibble, and the fact that it went 3 feet in the roll test is an over all win for this vehicle mode.

Robot Mode

Now if you read my Gekisoumaru Review  you would know that this is where the weird hits the fan for these GO figures.  Like its brethren, Kenzen suffers from the dreaded disease SLS.  Now, with a donation of $59.95 a week we can all fight this terminal disease together.  What's SLS you may ask?  Well folks it's a disease that effects many American girls with daddy issues who all seem to have only one name such as Brittney, Candy, Delicious with a Y, and COCO . The dreaded disease known as Stripper Leg Syndrome.

She had a future dammit!

I don't know if the designers designed these figures at a strip club and got inspired by the performers, but every Go! Combiner suffers from SLS. What doesn't help is the fact that the legs of these robots seem to go all the way up to the toy's chest. No torso needed on these decepticon hunters!

You too can get legs like mine with the Thighmaster 2000!!

 Unfortunately, this doesn't look that great on the figure. Honestly, it feels as if the bot mode was the last thing thought of on any of these GO combiners. This is sad because their combined mode is terrible as well. I guess too much sake at the club? The robot mode also has the voice gimmick going for it which both lights up its nipple bar and talks smack about the latest Fantastic four movie. 最新のファンタスティックフォー映画お尻を吸います.  But hey at least the designers helped some poor girl(s) earn money for Beauty College!!

This is what I am supposed to look like!!

Sooper Keek!!


 Ok, to no one's surprise, this figure is lacking. While the car mode was cool, the robot mode is terrible. The long legs make the rest of the autobot's body look too short and stubby. What the designers were thinking is anyone's guess. A line that could have been awesome unfortunately bit the dust. Sadly, I cannot recommend this figure even at the $15 shipped price.  Time to go check out the latest Emily Ratajkowski selfies!!

1 out of 5 Carltons on this one folks.:

Kenzan is that you?

Beware my "Samurai Cross" swords

My side profile is my best look!

Jet Powered engines ready to Go!

Dude Bots are walking here.
 Put those damn things away!

That was Crapstacular!!

American reviewer correct. We were Effed Up on Sake Bombs!! 
And Kiki was fine!

***Oh you look like Curly Sue!***