Monday, August 24, 2015

Takara Beast Wars Trading Cards Series 1 review

As a Transformers Beast Wars fan I try to pick up any product related to the show I come across. Now I know I may not get it all but hey I can try right. As I did my usual search some packs that I had not seen before popped up.
I am missing cards 56, 61, 62, and 66 
if anyone out there has them. 

At first I assumed that they were the cards that came with the action figures packed as well packs. This is a sample of the cards I assumed they were:
Don't look at me I will break!!

Is this a game too?

I tried to do a search of the cards online and found no information on them. So I took the chance and overpaid for 5 packs of the product. I was surprised when I opened the packs to see it was neither of these type of cards but something all together different. Lets check them out shall we.

From the back of the pack I am assuming this is some sort of trading card game:

The cards are . 3.5”x 2.5” with rounded corners and are slightly thicker than a regular trading card. From the checklist they consist of 96 cards in the set.

The Base Cards

The first 24 cards are of the Maximals and Predacons in their robot mode. The designers decided to go with screen captures of the show characters and CGI or drawn renditions of non show characters. While I like the attempt the pictures they chose look grainy and almost as if they took pictures of the television screen while a vhs copy of the show was playing. The CGI and art renditions clearly look better and almost makes it feel like I was looking at 2 completely different card sets.

Terrorsaur Terrorize!

The Next 6 cards consist of the primary first introduced Maximal characters and Megatron. Yep, just Megatron. No Predacon love here that's for sure. The screen captures again leave something to be desired.

I am not fuzzy!
 I am just moving too fast for you to see!

Watch Code of Hero dammit! 

The next 14 cards are different scenes from the show. Now I can't read the writing on these so if any one can or is willing to translate them for me please contact me!

I think it's saying Nice view?

G1 fans can be happy to see the Decepticon who can never die Starscream added into the mix. Autobot fans can weep as there is no G1 Optimus Prime card here!

You shall Rue this day!! 

As well as the Golden Disk!

Uhh you forgot Shockwave's Ore 13!!

The next 8 cards are a puzzle type. With 4 making a Predacon scene and the other 4 a maximal. Gotta love how the designers of these cards never put into mind how they will be put into 9 card sheets.

You couldn't put together 4 dang cards?

Ahh now the next 13 cards are really cool as they come 1 per pack and nice a shiny foil cards. 

Why can't we all be friends!

And finally the Checklist. Which I have to say is one of the harder cards to pull.

Someone interpret this!!


I have to be honest I have no idea how to play this game. Mostly cause I don't know what the hell they are saying on the back of these cards. From the wrapper they deal with the numbers on top and bottom of the cards. If some one wants to explain them to me feel free to let me know.

I am so going to defeat you Rhinox!! 
Let see 12=12 divided by 18= uhh 5?



As a beast wars collector I want to say I LOVE this set. I just can't do it in good conscience. The attempt was thoughtful but the screen captures did not work. The designers picked horrible and or dark pictures. The Cgi rendered characters are beautiful and it makes one wonder why not do this with the whole set. Now as for the CGI characters their choices are weird to say the least. I can understand Convobat (bat optimus Primal) and Megaligator (Alligator Megatron) but Whiteclaw (polarclaw) and Kuwagiger (insecticon)? The foil cards are cool as well but it also makes the set hard to complete. I purchased 5 packs and a box of 15 packs and I still do not have a full set. I am missing cards 56, 61, 62, and 66 if anyone out there has them please contact me. Add in the fact that the last foil cards are a Lio Convoy meets Optimus Primal picture and it makes you wonder was a Beast Wars II set made? So if you are a Beast Wars fan I say get them great little oddball item to add to your collection. If you are a regular Transformers fan well you can easily pass on these. 

I am an important member of some team Dammit!

Uhh Megaligator there is some thing in you hand!!

I am missing cards 56, 61, 62, and 66 
if anyone out there has them.
We will dance for you for these cards!!