Thursday, August 27, 2015

Review of Year of the Snake Omega Supreme

After I got the Fattimus Prime figure I just had to get the Omega Supreme to go with him. So my search began.

$179.99- Nope
$229.99- Oh Hell no

Wait, what?  $95 shipped?  Hell yeah!!  Wait, Paypal gift payment?  Never mind.
Finally we got a winner:
 Hey, Dave, I hate this thing!!  I'd do $55 and that G1 Slag you have!!  Deal!!

 Sometimes I wonder why people are willing to trade off such expensive figures after a while, but hey.  Why not?  3 days later, his journey through the cosmos ends as he arrives at my place of residence!!

Year of the Snake Omega Supreme takes its color cues from the Chinese Year of the Snake lucky colors as well as from G1 Omega Supreme. What is year of the Snake you ask? Well Takara/ Tomy and Hasbro decide to rehash certain figures to well.... line their pockets with more green. Wait is the money green in Japan or China? Every year they come out with a new Year of Something horribly recolored figure(s) to coincide with the Chinese Zodiac of that year. YOS Omega is a recolored higher priced rendition of Transformers Energon Omega Supreme.

The Snake occupies the sixth position in the Chinese Zodiac. The 12 zodiac animals are, in order: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and Pig. Each year is related to a Chinese zodiac animal according to the 12-year-cycle. Lucky Colors: golden, silver, hoary; Avoid red, green, purple, black

Wait did that just say Avoid: Red? Black? This action Figure has both colors on it!! Aww damn did they just give this guardian robot bad luck!!! Lets find out shall we?

Vehicle Mode

Omega transforms into 3 vehicles once you split him in half.  The first is a space carrier/battleship that reminds me of the Robotech Macross Saga SDF-1:

Ohh name time: Sooper Not a RipOff of Macross SDF-1 Space Carrier
Totally nailed It!! 

Transformers ripping off the Robotech Macross saga toys?  Where have I seen this before?

Not Here!! That's for sure.

Now, I'm not saying that they ripped off the idea from Macross or Robotech.  It just really borrows its aesthetic appearance, that's all. This battle ship looks ready for war with all its spinning gun turrets and lone missile launcher. The colors work well on it including the unlucky red and black. The ship does roll but not very far as it went 6 inches and stopped. It did make a cool vroom sound though!!

The second vehicle is the Large Clawed Train of DEATTTHHHHHH!!  Or wait I know Sooper Boom Train!! No, wait Sooper Destructive Cannon of Death Bullet Train!!! Ok still working on that one, but hey its a red train carrying a big claw/ cannon thing. Either way it's a scary ass train for the Decepticons!! The claw cannon still has all the movement from it's arm mode so this thing can spin all the way around. Like its other half, it is in the same color scheme, but honestly, the designers should have gone with the old adage "less is more" on this particular train.  The red on the bullet train is a bit much.  On the roll test it did fare better. Red Train of FEAR went a whole 12 inches before stopping.No? I thought not too. Dang  stupid freaking miscolored train...

Fear the Clown Red!! Fear it!!

The third vehicle is the SOOPER I CRASHED INTO YOUR EXHAUST HOLE MODE!! . Hmm..., well, if you shove the head of the bullet train into the exhaust of the space ship it it uhh becomes a longer uhhh vehicle? I honestly have no idea what it is supposed to be but hey it's there. This thing rolled about 2 inches.

What are you doing? Don't shove that in there!! It's an exit dammit!

Robot Mode

 So a slightly updated G1 Omega Supreme?

I'm still better than you!

 I would have said yes, but the differences are there. So I am thinking re-imagined works better in this case. I can see where the attempt to match the G1 aesthetic is there. They kinda missed the point on the thin wispy delicate looking claw hand attachment. It's lacking to say the least.  G1 Omega's claw hand looks tough, like it could squish any Decepticon or Predacon in its grasp as it closes. The YOS Omega's claw hand just doesn't convey that sentiment. If anything it looks like a claw machine's uhh claw. Imagine trying to grasp Rumble in that delicate looking claw. He would slip right out like that green lantern pillow I tried to get at the HEB. I have to say Omega Supreme is not someone known screaming out delicate. Ultimate Autobot weapon anyone? YOS Omega does looks awesome for the most part. I can even deal with the claw due to the large blaster behind it. What I can't deal with is the small head and the red bullet train that looks like a peg leg. The head is now a connected piece to this figure. In its prior release, a separate little drone guy became Omega's head.  Now it's just a smaller, in-the-way gun turret that serves no purpose.  The robot face works.  I just wish it was a reworked version of the drone.

Your Momma has a small head!!

"Hey, I think that robot stole your gimmick, man!"

Now for that infernal red leg.  I don't know what made them decide to mold it red, or use so much red, but it doesn't work. It stands out way too much against the grey parts surrounding it. The figure feels as if they ran out of this guardian's parts and decided to use whatever extra parts from another robot they could fit in. If not for those 2 things this bot  works really well. It can support its weight and can be put in many different positions.  Play value is high with its robot mode and all of its articulation.

Just look into the Light......

For another $15 you can win that Green Lantern pillow!


Ok this is where things go weird folks. You can combine your YOS Fattimus Prime with your YOS Omega Supreme to make SOOPER FATIMUS OMEGA MODE!!

Ok, this does not look right!

 Ok almost there let me get my hammer..... Damn it, get it together!  You are supposed to combine!  Get in your home, Optimus! It's your home......Ok that looks right Im sure that piece that came off was just an extra.

You put your right hand in and you shake it all about!

There we go, yep folks this is the SOOOOOPER FATTIMUS OMEGA MOOOOOOODE-uh!! So I know you are probably thinking "You just placed the head of Optimus on top of Omega's shoulders you silly, silly man!! Give Prime back his head!! Yah sick animal. But hey you would be wrong. This is really it. Yay! No seriously it is. Now to prove it I will show you the back side of this titan.

Hey are you looking at my Exhaust port?

Yes sir that's the legs of Optimus sticking out the back of Omega Supreme. But hey at least the new combination mode doesn't effect the figure at all. The articulation is still all there. And yes the Omega head canon does seems out of place and yes it gets in the way but I can guarantee you that some designer never thought about it nor cares!!! Add in the fact that you can put Prime's drones on Omega and it helps the play-ability a smudge. Doesn't make it look any better mind you but hey he has a freaking red leg!! Stare at the leg!! I command you !! Stare at it!!

The one with the most attachments wins!


 Omega Supreme is Supreme in robot mode. Vehicle modes not so much fun there. To say they are lacking is being nice to them. I like the attempt at the G1 look but that red leg is just plain odd and out of place. It makes me wish they had just left it grey to match the rest of the, oh I don't know, figure. While the head looks cool, why not just update the clone driver it already had instead. Kinda made the areas made for the driver useless as well. Even with these issue the figure works. It is fun to play with. But the price tag it is going for is way too high. Heck it started at $100 and that was still too high. Now as some tool once told me plastic is expensive I just can't see how a figure can double in price in just a few years. I can easily recommend this figure at a cheaper price I just can't recommend it in the inflated price it runs for now. There just isn't enough added to it to demand the increase. Simple pass.

Rating: 2 dancing Carltons
You Can do Better Carlton .You can do better!

Wait did you hear that squeaky noise? Is it a Ghost?

I'm Sexy and We ALL know it!

HEY you forgot the Secret Cannon Modes!!

uhhhh...... Sooper ... Sooper.... screw it I give up

Sooper elevated canon thing! There you Happy!!

Did He Walter? Did He really Forget?
Or did he choose to forget?

So cool even Taylor danced with Joy!

Damn American know we steal Macross Idea. He must be watched!