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Transformers Collector's Club Exclusive Autobot Circuit Review

Autobot circuit was an impulse buy. I was buying Jackpot and I figured, why not?  Hey, I'll save on shipping!!  I have to be honest here, I had never heard of Autobot Circuit. I was a noob when it came to him. I thought the Transformers collectors club had made up some robot just so they could call it an exclusive action figure. But at $20 I figured why not take a chance nothing to lose right? So while I waited for the toy to arrive I did some background on the character. It turns out he was not something the club made up while on peyote, it was actually based off an action master. A repainted Action Master that Hasbro / Takara only sold in Europe. An action master who drove a car. An action master who looked like he would transform into a car. So yeah.....
Your face looks like Nien Nunb from "Star Wars, Return of the Jedi"

Why you messin with my cousin for!

Car Mode

 Circuit is a redeco of 2010 Transformers  Axor who was a retooling of Revenge of the Fallen Lockdown, who never came out in that movie, but still got a figure. Circuit transforms into a vehicle that looks like it jumped right out of  "Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome", with lots of spikes and a cow-catcher on his bumper. I can hear Aretha Franklin singing now. Wait, what? Ok, my lovely wife has just informed me it was Tina Turner not Aretha Franklin in Mad Max. Whoops... The colors on this uhh vehicle remind me of my cousin Pepito Daveabito ComeMunchoMenudo De Las Flores Martinez Gonzales Urbikito's car. Just less vibrant. It is orange, yellow, blue, purple, pink daffodil, aqua, mocco, silver and any other colors that they could find in a crayon box it seems.  This thing screams out "Hey LOOK at me!!" at you and anyone else in the room.

Why do I feel like I should be egg shaped?

Yes folks that is the car. This is not a joke. It is not some coloring page that my 4 yr old nephew tried to color and forgot to stay in the lines of. This is a Transformers Collectors Club Subscription service exclusive collectible figure. This is not some bad Chinese knock off that fell off a Russian boat that is now at your local flea market marketed as Trainfumorers. It is not some easter egg made with all the leftover colors from the kit. It is a $50 figure that people got from the club. Yeahhhh......... Ok, as for the roll test. He did roll ok, but only got halfway across my living room floor before he stopped. Circuit did not scare my wife who saw it from 3 rooms away and called it a piñata on wheels. To which I quickly picked up Circuit in the fear that she may hit it to get the candy out from inside of him.

What the hell is this?!? I've been altered to look like the BATMOBILE before 
and now you stick me with this crap?? The Batmobile Dang it. 

Robot Mode

Once I put on my sunglasses to transform this guy he reminded me of something. A memory of years ago when I was a young lad and went to Tijuana and saw a stripper whose legs went to her chin. She was literally a head with 7 foot long legs connected to it. No joke, she was friends with the donkey lady. This Decepticon robot buster is, well, lanky, almost scarecrow-ish. With his long legs, long neck and funky colors, this bot is all shades of freaky and clearly the red headed stepchild of the Autobot army. The guy they pick after Wheelie.

The answer to .....
What if Jar-Jar Binks and a giraffe had a baby transformer...

Remember the skinny kid in grade school whose mom 
made him wear moon boots during the winter?

This mechanical monstrosity can easily be in the next sci-fi movie starring that 'has been' from 90210 Shannen Doherty. Not a classic MUST WATCH movie like Sharknado mind you. Thank You for that Awesome movie syfy. But a funky ripoff of another ripoff that they put on at 4am right before the Shannen Doherty infomercials.
The Piñata Monstro From Down the Street!!! Runnnn or he will give you the Diabetes!! 
This action figure does have some good articulation points and a good sense of balance which help him do some nice poses. He bends at his double jointed chicken legs and hips, the arms have the usual bends as well. His head and neck is formed of little ball joints that allow him to move like a snake.

It's up to yoooooou, New Yoooork, New YOOORK!

Dang, this new deodorant takes FOREVER to dry!


 Circuit comes with one weapon. His engine. You can put it on his arm so that he can make revving noises in your head. Vroom Vroom.  He does have a rubber ax as his right hand but since it's all floppy you can't really do much with it.

Look, it's not that I don't WANT to help you cut firewood...

Vroom Vroom


 All joking aside this guy is pretty funkalicious cool baby. He's like that KO that you see at the flea market where it is so crapstacular that you must buy him for the entire $5.95 (tax included) they are asking for. No haggling at all even though you know you will never ever play with him again. Whoever designed this scheme at the club should be slapped by their mama!  Hell, they should also be slapped by Lockdown's mama! Can I say he is worth the original price? Heck no!! Can I say he is worth the $20 price I got him for. Hells No!!. Heck , let me bold that, put it in Italics and underlined that for you!! HELLS NO!! I still feel like they owe me some candy from this Piñata. Some Chiclets at least!! This is a figure that if someone would attempt to give him to you, you would hand it back and forth between each other a few times before finally taking it and cursing at them as you left. You son of a motherless goat, how dare yah!! The figure you promise to get revenge for, by giving their 3 year old kid the loudest "peow peow" sound making toy gun that goes off on its own for no reason with a year's supply of batteries. Take that!! How you doing?!! This toy will break up friendships, ruin marriages, and create world devastation. Now if you are kind of odd like me AND can get it for cheap for like $10 maybe $12 because someone's wife hated seeing that ugly thing in her house. Get it. It is your duty to help that poor woman or man make their house look beautiful again. But of course that just means your significant other might think it's making her or his  house look ugly now. So make sure you have a good hiding place for it.

Final Verdict: EASY and I do MEAN EASY pass.

What light through yonder window breaks?

Get that camera outta my face fool!!

Breakin' II:  Electric Boogaloo!

Come On Make my Day!

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