Sunday, August 24, 2014

Transformers Beast Wars 2 Predacon Decepticon Destron Max-B Review

Up for review today is an action figure I have wanted for a long time. Being a huge Beast Wars fan, this guy just needed to be in my collection. When I saw a loose complete one being offered for a fair price so I bought him right away. So let's check out  Max-B together.

But not too early, OK?  I sleep in on Sundays.

Max-B is the upgraded version of Destron brute BB. BB, who was a stealth bomber, was "upgraded" by Angolmois energy into a cybernetic wolf. I honestly don't see how that's an upgrade but hey, it's Japanese. Then again the wolf does fly on the cartoon, so there is always that. On the show his only phrases was the word "Roger" repeated over and over and he was only loyal to Starscream.

Beast Mode

Max-B is a grey cybernetic wolf with silver, purple, and red highlights. The mold is an updated, heavily retooled version of the Maximal German Shepherd K-9, who so happens to also be a retooled version of  Wolfang the maximal WOLF. So get your mind around that fellow Cybertronian fans!!! Max-B looks like a dog that Frankenstein's monster would have as a pet. It almost looks like they removed the organic skin off the Cybertronian to reveal his robotics underneath. Kind of gross if you think about it, but hey it works. This aesthetic fits the big bad Destron/Decepticon motif, that "Fear me cause I will tear you into shreds" type of feel. Articulation on the beast mode suffers like most beast transformers to be honest. The wolfs front legs are set in a static pose. When unplugged they look funky and really can't be posed. The hind legs do have some movement since they are on ball joints due to their becoming the legs of the robot. So really no real playability on this mode.

Enough with the damn "good doggie" jokes already!!

They would love me on CSI!!

"How much is that doggy in the Window?"

No, actually. The name "Harvey Dent" does NOT ring a bell.  
Why do you ask?


Max-B was given new weapons for his new form. His tail is a mace that can be spun around to become a gun with a missile launcher. His backpack becomes a shield and a claw device /missile launcher . Both launchers work well enough as the mace shot its anchor-missile about a foot. The shield's missile flew into my sons hot chocolate. So due to that "interference" on my son's part I'd say 10 inches. I didn't get a chance to retest cause I was cleaning the plastic missile, Sorry. The claw closing action is cool but it only catches leg or arms on bots. It also catches your wives fingers but then you spend the next ten minutes looking for the part, so don't try that at home kids! One good thing about the missiles being stored in his abdomen is that there is less of a chance of losing them.

That's right!  From my COLD, DEAD HANDS baby!!

Now you've done it!  
You have forced me to break out the double saw blades of doom!

Robot Mode

Where this figure lacked on articulation in its beast mode, however it does excel in robot mode. This Destron looks foreboding and tough, someone you should be afraid of. Heck he has half of a wolf's head on each of his freaking shoulder pads. Last guy who did that was Conan, and well, that guy whom got arrested in Paris, Texas, but that's another story. His new head is slightly hindered due to its size which stops his movement from left to right. The shoulders are on ball joints and to my surprise they are not loose. Heck I have an Age of Extinction collectible whose arms can't be picked up without them flopping back down. So tight ball joints in a figure this old is very surprising to say the least. Max-B has swivel joints on his upper arm and elbow that allows inward movement. The figure's hips are ball jointed as well. Add in the bends at his knees and feet, and now you have a very poseable figure.

Can you believe the state of Minnesota refused me as their basketball mascot?

If this gig fails I swear I am becoming a bounty hunter!  
Preferably in the Star Wars or Farscape universe...


Max-B is pretty dang cool for a robot made during the 90's. A lot of folks forget that Beast Wars introduced a lot of the ball jointed articulation that they love now, and this action figure brings it all to the table. He could easily be released now and match or even exceed the current movie figures. The only real issue he has is that his beast mode could use some joints in his front legs. A nitpick can be brought up about his head needing a ball joint but that would be nitpicking an almost complete overall figure. Add in the fact that I loved the previous versions of the mold and it's an overall win for me. Now is it for Non-Beast Wars fans? Probably not, but then again I doubt ANY Beast Wars characters will be to their taste. If you are open minded and would love to get a great overall figure this is one for you. Heck it made me want to dance:

And dance I did!  Simon Cowell be damned!!

What'cha gonna do monkey boy?  Throw bananas at me??

"Max-B, you will either reason with me or be humiliated!"

Or I could kick your butt with a cheap shot...


I don't think you understood me, Max.  That was not one of your allowed options!

Er, umm....can we just saddle up and ride off into the sunset instead?

"Hi-Yo, Silver! Away!"

And the Hero rides off into the sunset on his trusty steed.