Sunday, August 10, 2014

Transformers Collector's Club Exclusive Autobot Jackpot Review

Hey folks time for another review..

Up this week is the Transformers Collector's Club Exclusive Jackpot. I usually don't get the club exclusive toys because, well, I can't afford them. That, and I find them kind of pricey for what they usually are: Ugly repaints forced onto molds that don't always work. When the club decided to do a retool and repaint of  Transformers Animated Jazz in black as Jackpot I found myself wanting it. At $55 for a deluxe I decided to pass. At least until he went on sale for $20. At that price point I jumped at the chance to get this robot in disguise.

  Jackpot is loosely based off the Action master figure Hasbro / Takara released years back. Considering that action masters were not really accepted back then and the fact that the character was not used in the show or marvel comics this choice is indeed an obscure one, but it is cool to finally see an action master character actually transform.

I'm a "Transformer" who can't transform.....
 Really Hasbro? Really?!?

Vehicle Mode

 Jackpot is a repaint of animated Jazz so they share the same sports car mode. The car is black with red and orange accents and silver bumper and exhausts. This little guy rolls actually pretty well. In the floor test it went from one side of the room to the other slammed hard against the wall and rolled halfway back and hit my kid on his big toe. I got a free dance show during the test so Double Win!! No pieces flew off the collectible either which is always a good thing.

Eat your heart out, Knight Rider!

Don't you wish your sports car was hot like me?

 I really like how the colors work on this guy. The red and orange make him look sleek. Add in the red windows and it feels like a spy car. Like that car commercial where the cop tries to give a parked car a ticket. It just looks fast.

Robot Mode

 Jackpot has a new head but everything else is the same on the animated mold.

Uh... My eyes are up here!!

The articulation points on this bot make him ready to fight Decepticons any day. The new head is able to turn side to side. The mixture of ball joints and swivel joints allow the toy to be put in a plethora of positions:


Super KEEK!!

 The mold is just over all good. It was good when it was first released and it still works now. It isn't limited by much and you can really play with this action figure. So, wow a toy you can actually play with. How awesome is that?


 Jackpot comes with the same nunchuks as Jazz. So nothing new there.

Nothing to see here Citizen! 
Unless you came to see the "GUN" Show! Baby!


 Ok I have to say I am a little hard on the collectors club and their exclusives. I find their gross overpricing as ripping off their customers to be honest. How can the official club of Hasbro not be able to get figures at a discounted rate and share that savings with their members is beyond me. But on this one I will give them all the credit they deserve. This is an awesome figure using an awesome mold. The aesthetic works on him. The mold doesn't feel cheap or flimsy. The choice works. Now would I pay the $55 they started the figure at? NO, I am glad I got him for $20. Heck, I'd probably pay $30 for him. But nowhere near $55.
 So ultimate verdict : Good figure and mold. Bad starting price point . Get him on sale!!

Car Surfing in the U.S.S.R. ! 

This is not the ride I was talking about Arcee!!

Don't hate me because I'm beautiful.

Caw! Caw! Caw! Caw! 
You must be one with the Laserbeak!!

Even My Moves have Moves Megatron!
Face it Tiger. You hit the Jackpot!

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