Sunday, May 18, 2014

Perfect Effect's RC Motorbot Pink and Blue Not Hasbro Transformers Arcee

Well I'm finally getting to write this review. After several attempts to get these 2 fembots they are finally mine.

When I first saw these, I wanted to get them so badly my teeth shook. I had purchased prior Autobot Arcee renditions and attempts before, but I was always left wanting more. When I saw the 3rd party version of her being offered from Perfect Effect, they seemed perfect to me.  So my quest to get them began. I swam with the elephants in Canada. I helped a cow birth its calf in new York. I found the sacred sword of Mymomacanbeeturmomma in Istanbul. So lets check if  these bad girls were worth the all that effort.

Vehicle Mode

Motorbot is a weaponized motorcycle. A hyped up futuristic motorcycle made for speed and destruction BABY!! She comes in 2 colors Pink with white and Blue with black and silver. The motorcycle is a perfect fit for the modern line of G.I. Joe figures to ride. This dual usage for the mode just helps the overall value of the figure.

But unfortunately this playmode lacks in one major area. Spinning wheels. Yes folks the wheels on these robotic bad girl motorcycles do not spin very easily . They can move but it takes you actually turning them with your fingers in order for them to move. I did try rolling them on the floor but they skid and fell at about a foot and scratched up their paint! What were they thinking!! They did stay tabbed together pretty well though unlike their arachnid sister.


I gotta say I love what Perfect effect did with this Autobot's weapons. They all fit on her in both robot mode and motorbike mode. That is a great feat in itself right there. No need to keep track of them that way. Her weapons consist of 2 swords with translucent blades that match their color schemes. These bad boys are actually sharp, so don't poke your eye out kid.

You dare to challenge me!

She also comes with 2 hand guns which fit her hands perfectly. They look right and not oversized like weapons sometimes do. Yes I'm talking about you bayverse robots!!
Freeze Scumbag!

I'm coming for you Mickey Bay...

The best of the weapons is a sniper rifle which is built with all the leftover parts that come with the figure. This rifle really makes the character seem like a deadly don't mess with me or I'll shoot your eye out assassin. Similar to how Arcee was portrayed in the IDW comic book line.

Make fun of my Omelets huh!! I'll show you Hot Rod!!

Robot Mode

This decepticon ass kicking robot looks really good. Her body is proportionate. There is no oversized or smallish looking parts. She blends into a perfectly formed exoskeleton. Her wheels do look a bit large but that's to be expected. Articulation wise, she is spot on perfect. The head moves all the way around and up and down. The shoulders are on a ball joint with swivel jointed upper arms. The elbows move in and out and the hands move all the way around with a second joint that allow them to move up and down. Her waist and hips have points of articulation as well as her knees. This allows her to be placed in some very nice poses.

Well, its time to Die.

It Slices! It Dices!

Great fitting bodies overall. Their color schemes look and work really well. If anything, the blue version is a little dark but still works. I can see her being that secret assassin Optimus Prime calls in to do the dirty work that his lesser bots don't want to do. A hide in the shadows while teasing Jazz type of character.


This toy is something that takara tomy and hasbro should be putting out. She is beautiful. Plastic wise she feels as good as any Mastermind Creations product and Fans Projects items. She does have some flimsy add on pieces and mine came with a broken piece on the sniper rifle barrel. That and one figure had to be returned to the seller due to it having 2 left hands. Add in the non moving tires and it hurts the figure a little. All things that if made by one of the official companies would have possibly been caught in the quality control area. Even with these issues I am glad I picked them up. Price point well thats another issue entirely. Is this collectible action figure worth the $100 price tag? NO. $50 or $60 heck yeah. She is deluxe sized and although she is cool, I can't tell folks to run out and spend that much money with a good conscious. I would tell you to wait till its on clearance, but I doubt that would happen anytime soon. Final verdict: Great figure Terrible price point.

Bang bang you shot me down

Bang bang I hit the ground

Bang bang that awful sound

Bang bang that Joe shot me down.....

Sir, Yes Sir!