Sunday, April 27, 2014

Botcon Exclusive Decepticon Toxitron Review

Hey folks! Here's a review of a figure I never thought that I would get.

Up today is the Botcon Exclusive Decepticon Toxitron. Now for those of you who don't know, Botcon is the Convention put on by Hasbro's Transformers clubrunner, Fans Publication.  They in turn sell exclusive figures to people that go to Botcon or fan club members. Highly over priced figures, mind you, but still "Exclusive." Well Toxitron is one of those. I was just lucky enough to get this figure from a buddy.
Lets check him out, shall we?

Vehicle Mode

Toxitron is a slicked out uhhhhh fire engine? Or a Truck with a water squirter on the back? Hell, what is this guy supposed to be? I know he is a vehicle. Yeah lets go with that. I saw the picture of this guy and was expecting a yellow colored figure, but in hand, he is actually more greenish than yellow. Something I was really happy with. Honestly would you be scared of a Yellow decepticon? Run folks from the Big Yellow Bannaner of Death!!
Hell I don't even Know what I am!

Toxitron is a stocky little truck and the green meshes well with black and purple accents it has. Even the red and orange don't feel out of place on this Evil uh Truck like Vehicle of Destruction. So hide you dogs, cats and trashcans folks!! His axe and squirter of doom become a back cover to well cover up a lot of the empty spaces he would otherwise have So I guess that it does its job. He rolls quite well as I was able to shoot him from one end of my living room to the other without him stopping mid-way. Scared the hell out of my wife until she saw it was just a green truck like vehicle and not a mouse. I found out it was quite sturdy as well, when it collided with my head a few seconds later. Love you too hunny.

Note to self: Never do that again! Well unless I have a video camera to record it. It was freaking hilarious.


Toxitron comes comes with 2 weapons. They are his  Massive Axe of Discriminatory Action and his Squirter of Doom!! His axe is awesome but is missing a bit of detail on the opposite side. But this is Ok cause Toxitron makes sure to cut off the heads of folks with only the painted side showing. He is a professional and it adds to the drama. His Squirter of DOOM was not tried out because, well he is too expensive to put it in water, but I am sure it squirts gobs of juicy fluid goodness. And if it doesn't, well it happens to everyone at some point. Ask Christopher PeaSee-NotSee he knows what we are talking about, right, buddy!!

PeaSee-NotSee, I will Squirt you with my large weapon!

Robot Mode

The stockiness continues into the robot mode of this awesome figure. I keep expecting him to flex his chest like a bodybuilder or even a Rob Liefeld drawing. Makes me wonder if the designer at Takara Tomy is a fan?

Do my Pecks make my head look small?

I will PUMP you UP!

Well maybe not that big but you get the jizz. The red translucent windows really work well on this figure and you can actually tell he's supposed to be a truck. Toxitron has articulation on all the right parts though mine has very weak hip joints. All these articulation points allow you to put this figure into some pretty nice poses!

Why are you Cancelling Warehouse 13 Syfy?!? Why!!

I will destroy you Lord Porkl!!! Adrianne!!


I am really impressed with this figure/mold. I liked it when it was Optimus Prime in Transformers Animated and I like it now that its Toxitron. It just works. All the colors really blend well and it has the right amount of articulation. Now mine does have a few loose joints, but that doesn't guarantee that all the figures are like that. But as much as I love this hasbro takara figure, I cannot get myself to say I love the price he is on say ebay at $100 plus. Heck I can't say I like the price he was sold for at Botcon. I just can't see why a simple repaint would be worth 4 to 5 times his costs. Now I am sure some Club backer will try their best to explain it to me. I can almost guarantee that. Yet the price just doesn't match what you get in return. Now if you get a great deal from a buddy, I say get him cause he is a cool little robot. And he does have a secret third mode:

I'm only 3 millions years old mister. 
Can I get a childs ticket for transformers Age of Extinction?

Da Plane Boss!! Da Plane!

You Messing with me?! Ya Messing with me!

I'll show Ya!! Pow Right to the moon.

One Punch baby, One Punch

My Squirter is fully up now, time to shoot my Hot Liquids at autobots.

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