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Perfect Effect's Aranea Not Transformers Decepticon Black Arachnia

Up today is the Perfect Effect Aranea figure. My attention was peaked after the comic included with RC showed a picture of Aranea.  As soon as I saw the cameo, I knew I must buy her.

Ok I have a confession to make, I am a Huge Beast Wars fan. When I am bored, I prefer to watch Beast Wars before any other Transformers series. So when I saw that face, I knew it was based off Blackarachnia. The femme fatale was finally getting a cool updated figure!!! YES!!! Take my money Perfect Effect. I will open my wallet and just give you all the stuff inside. Well except for the family photos and that old lotto ticket that I should cash in. No wait I want that David Hasselhoff signed 3x5 it's a collectible and very VALUABLE!! Ok nevermind just let me give you the cash. Do you take Canadian dollars? Yeah?Probably not, not even Canada takes them eh. Ok so I ordered her and she finally arrived. Let's check her out.

Vehicle Mode

Blackarachnia as a motorcycle actually works. It has the original colors from the classic figure the black, the purple, the gold, and finally the red. Converge all those colors onto a bike that looks like it's straight out of Mad Max and it's a solid win.
At this point a picture formed in my head of that luscious Sexpot Tina Turner driving down the highway looking all hot and sexy!! (But you probably didn't need to know that!)
She just looks Fast!

Now like her sisters, this vehicle mode is perfect for the current G.I. Joe figures. And this form just screams out Cobra!! Cobra!!

Only the best can drive with 1 hand!

 While this form is awesome sauce in a can it does have its issues. The pegs that connected so well and tight on the other two motor-bots don't do that quite as well on this figure. I found myself having to retab her several times before I put on her armor on her. The armor was a problem all on its own at first, but once popped in the holes loosened up and allowed for easy pegging. The armor is connected to the vehicle using pegs, which were very difficult to push into their allocated slots. By the end I was like the great Adam Sandler in Happy Gilmore screaming out loud.
"You little son of a bitch peg! Why don't you just go HOME? That's your HOME! Are you too good for your HOME? ANSWER ME! SUCK MY WHITE ASS, peg! " I was not happy.

Robot Mode

Blackarachnia is a slight retool from her sisters. I guess she can be called the evil sister from the family or the fun one as most men call them. The differences really do show up well and work with this collectible. She has all the same articulation points as the other two. Which allows for a plethora of poses to be applied on this flexible gal.
Single shot to the head and it's all over!

Now where she beats her siblings is in the armor. The added armor just screams out Decepticon whoops Predacon Mistress of Deceit. Maximals Silverbolt and Cheetor would have been happy to see her walking down the halls of the Axalon for sure.
Even when I'm good I'm still bad. 

Thanks to the six legs she still has that spider look and feel. But unfortunately they removed the one thing that made her look like Blackarachnia the most her helmet.

Noooooo!!! You Rat bastards how could you!!! How could you ruin perfection!!! At this point I shed a tear and took a walkabout for 3 moons. I questioned the world, life and my own mortality. I asked myself why do Pop Tarts taste so damn good? I emailed A-1 to ask why does it taste so good on cereal and isn't marketed that way?!? Oh and I learned how to draw a perfect rendition of a person. here is my picture of Laker Kobe Bryant playing basketball.

Awesome right!! Thanks. It tooks me a few weeks to draw but hey I like it. So I finally mastered perfection and came back and noticed that Araneas helmet comes off. Which would allow some awesome 3rd party company, cough, Dr. Wu Cough cough, to make a perfect helmet for this figure!! Ok Hint, HINT this is where someone needs to go tell the folks to make a helmet for her!! Do it Now!! Drop the donuts and Go Now!!


Aranea, not calling her BA since she doesn't look like her, comes with some cool new upgrades. She has a handgun and a rifle unique to her and some awesome knives and a shield as well.

Spare me the Maximal mush and let's get this over with. 

Another cool trick is that this cool robot has is its transforming armor that is More than Meets the Eye. Ehh see what I did there play on words. Cool. Araneas armor changes into a spider.

Spiderman Spiderman. Mmm no, I'm pretty sure that would just be putting him down.

Well a weak legged punk ass spider. If you touch it in any way the legs buckle in on themselves. To be quite honest the spider really sucks. So we can pretty much stop talking about it now.


 If I had to do a scale up to ten, this action-figure is an 8. She is a great little deluxe sized figure. You get a lot of playability and fun out of her. She has solid plastic and does not feel weak in any way. Overall win on this fembot. But she did have the pegging issues and then there's that face. Notice I didn't mention the crappy Spider!! Wait.... uh erase from your mind that previous spider comment. Now I know most folks hate Beast Wars. For me that was the driving force as to why I spent $100 plus for the figure. I wanted an updated Blackarachnia. Now I am left hoping someone makes a new faceplate for her. As for price point. I know the $100 price point is now the norm but to me this figure, even if she had the right face, does not quantify $100. $45 to $60 sure, all day every day. But in the end I do recommend this great little robot if you can afford her, at least until Hasbro, Takara, or Tomy make a better one. Have a great day!!

As Always I want to Thanks my brother Dave Urbik, my son Sam And my Wife Laurie for all the help they give me on these reviews and for dealing with my crazy ass.

Ok here are some Pics by Sam

"Come out kitty, I won't hurt you, MUCH!"


Well, what did you expect, you metal megalomaniac? That I would die for your insane ambition? 

"Another time pussy cat!"

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