Monday, January 13, 2014

Fan's Project Smart Robin not Transformers Autobot headmaster Brainstorm action figure Review

Ok folks time for another review

Ever order that one thing that just gets pushed back over and over before being released? Well Smart Robin from Fans Project is one of those figures. With a release date of June/July 2013 it wasn't till Late November that this toy finally came out. Out of the blue I received that email from BBTS your pre-order is in. With items like 3rd Party figures you always hope that they have used all this time to make this robot the best they could. Lets check this not Brainstorm out shall we.


 Right out of the box this figure has the feel of the old generation 1 transformers headmaster Brainstorm. The aesthetic is there. The orange windshield chest the green body everything but the head. Wait what the head how the hell can they get that wrong? Oh ok it's meant to match the g1 headmaster face from Japan. Ok. All is cool then. Maybe they will supply us an American version head later?

As you can see this figure looks like an updated version of the original. If you want to nitpick you can say he's missing his wings on his shoulders but still close enough. Smart Robin has a head that swivels left to right. Ball jointed shoulders, Upper arm swivel, double joint at his elbows, swivel at the waist, ball jointed hips, bend at the knee, bend at the ankle and ball jointed feet. So to say the least this guy is articulated.

Alternate Mode

Smart Robin transforms into a sleek Starfighter. Thanks to an accordion type hinge in the robot's body it is given the freedom to expand to have a feel and look to match starfighters in say the rebellion or even the viper mark 2. Heck check it out for yourself:

What really helps this design is the fact that everything is hidden on it. The hands fold into the fuselage so that they are hidden. No seeing hands on the bottom of the ship on this guy. You can feel yourself fading back to your childhood where this awesome fighter is trying to shoot a proton torpedo into a 2 meter-wide opening on a giant planetoid space station hell bent on galactic domination.

I have to say this guy just looks fast and awesome. Win all the way around.

Weapons ETC...

Smart robin comes with 2 green winged blasters similar to his G1 Counterpart. They can also be used as hand axes. These too also look like an updated G1 gun. 

Smart Robin also comes with a head master robot like all headmasters should. the guy is a bit small and limited in articulation but not really a big deal. That's him in teal and silver below.


 Ok this guy was worth the wait. Unlike the Weirdwolf figure released by Fans Project this one was a hit out of the ballpark. The designer deserves a big hand of applause for this figure. Now unfortunately I am starting to see a trend with this line: Great autobots Lousy decepticon molds. I am hoping this trend becomes more of great molds for both sides. Over all this guy is a must have for any transformers fan. So go out and buy him now. Cause This Is The Droid You Are Looking For!!!

Y, M, C, A......

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