Friday, March 28, 2014

Fans Project Causality CA-13 Diesel Not Transformers Stunticon Decepticon Motormaster

Hey folks up today is a robot we have been waiting months for. Lets check this guy out, based off Hasbro's Generation 1 robot, Motormaster was at one point rumored to be coming out in the next Transformers Movie  Age of Extinction. Or Transformers AOE as my fellow geeks like to call it. The semi in question later turned out to be decepticon Galvatron.

Diesel is the latest combiner figure or gestalt thrown out into the market by 3rd party company  Fans Project. He is the main body of the combiner and the leader of their Casualty team.  He is voyager sized and prices out at $149.99.  Add the $15 for shipping and you have hit the $165 mark very quickly, something that pushes this particular toy out of the hands of many collectors.

Vehicle Mode

 Diesel is an 18 wheeler. A black with silver highlights semi with a flat grey purple striped trailer.  Now I have to say this truck looks spot on to Takara's and Hasbro's  Gen 1 Motormaster. All the colors are spot on and work well with each other. If anything this figure just maybe needs a few stickers.

But while this mode is pleasing to the eye its very limited in playability. The truck in front is in a set position and cannot be turned from. A cool little option is the ability to make Diesel into a delivery truck with a smaller trailer.

This smaller version of Motormaster is ok but also reveals a lot about the figure. While I can understand the idea behind the smaller truck mode it also seems a bit unnecessary. I would talk more about this mode but considering it can only move back and forth like a hot wheel there really is nothing more I can add to it. Not really something good to say on a $165 figure.

Robot Mode

Diesel's robot mode is formed from the truck and the front half of the trailer. Unlike it's predecessor the whole truck is not used. After a few minutes trying to deal with all the thin tabs on this robot you finally get a bot that looks pretty good. You can clearly tell it is inspired by motormaster. A Motormaster with a lot of kibble that is.

This action figure has a bunch of articulation. Articulation that is hindered a bit due to his combiner mode. The joints in his feet are odd and force him to have an angled stance. His knee joints are also strange and feel like they are going to break if not moved properly. His shoulder joints are odd as well. All of these weird joints are due to their usage in combined mode which again really hinders this otherwise awesome figure. Tabs are also everywhere on this figure. Tabs that have a flimsy feel to them that don't seem that they will last too long if played with. While I understand this is a collectible item it is also supposed to be a transformer so these tabs are really terrible.


Motormaster's trailer's back half becomes all the weapons this cybertronian needs. Which also explains why so many folks are saying he has too much kibble.

Weapons included are a sniper rifle:

And his small roller vehicle which can be used as a shield. All be it a very small shield. :

While both of these look nice they both have issues. The gun is snapped together by a bunch of pieces that require what feels like too much force to combine them. The roller car is well a car that doesn't move. It's tires do not touch the ground. Which made me think why the heck are those on there. What's the point? In the original figure the car would roll all over the place and Motormaster had a ramp and launching system. It was part of the fun of having motormaster. This one kinda missed the mark. You would think with the new technology they have available now that something as simple as moving wheels could have been done.

Now we come to the added missile launchers and what can be imposed or assumed as weapons?

My Spine Hurts!!

My Poor Knees!!

I think I can!!

Yep.  That's a bunch of big guns on that Decepticon warlord. While they look cool, they also add a lot of weight to the figure.  If not bent at the knee poor Motormaster will topple over.  Visually appealing?  Yeah, they sure are, but that's about it.  They can't be moved very much because they will just fall off.


 Diesel is well how to put this .... A beer goggles robot. It's like that girl or guy that you hook up with when you are drunk. Oh so fine looking and hotter then a 2 dollar pistol while drunk but when you wake up the next morning the first words out of your mouth are :
"What are you! Uhh whoops I mean who the hell are you." or "Weren't you like, oh I don't know, hot or sexy at some point last night?"
Oh you know what I'm talking about Reesezpiece we all saw that last girl crying and running out of your place like it was on fire yelling "He's so freaking Fugly and Fat!! What did I drink last night!! " This figure is that false idea of sexyness. The pictures and teasers we got from the makers made this thing look like it would rock 1000%. They didn't actually produce that awesomeness. Its a figure that looks good but is hindered by the processes and joints needed to form a gigantic body. The missile weapons while nice to look at are more of a hindrance then something useful. So while not a complete fail on this figure it is a big let down from what was expected. I honestly cannot recommend this figure at the outrageous price they are asking. Wait to get it on clearance or used from collectors that don't want theirs, because there will be some.

Hey my awesome Shield can protect my uhh hand?