Friday, April 5, 2013

Transformers Dark of the Moon Trading Cards

** UPDATE 2*
Got a few more boxes. Completed the set finally but did not complete the inserts. Really really bad turn out so far on this set. Still 11 cards away from completing the Entire set including Inserts.

Well I went ahead and did it. I bought another box. While I did get a bunch of the cards I needed I still did not complete the base set. I am still 12 Base cards away, yes base cards. I did get more Inserts unfortunately most were extras of extras. One thing I did notice was that they tend to give you the same insert card twice in these boxes. With the other 2 boxes I first thought they were just a bad sorting thing but with this box confirming it the whole 2 of the same insert card in a box became transparent.
On the Puzzle Base cards the Bumblebee and Checklist Cards I have gone ahead and updated the numbers of what I now have. If anyone has any of these please let me know!!
* End of UPDATE!!*

I have to say I am a card collector.  I collect football cards, so when I see Transformers on cards I get all giddy.  Yes, I know, giddy went out in the 1950's. So please don't imagine me in some poodle skirt jumping and screaming around all crazy. I stopped doing that sort of stuff days ago. So I got an email telling me about these cards, which I didn't know anything about.  I figured the movie was so bad they didn't make cards.  Boy, was I wrong!

So there is a total of 252 cards to collect.  I figured 2 boxes with 96 packs total would be enough to get a set.  Here we go, let's see what I got.

Well Now its 3 Boxes and 144 packs total

The odds for the cards were:

Chromium card - 1:16 packs 9 cards total 8/9 88.89% complete

Pulled: 9 cards
Extras: Cr- 01, 03, 05
Need: 1 cards: Cr-07

Now I have to say these look cool they have like a stressed metal looking back ground which makes the sepia artwork pop. On back there is a moon pic once all the cards are connected. I got 2/3rds of a moon to show.

Special card - 1:16 packs 9 cards total 9/9 100% complete

Pulled: 9 cards
Extras: 3 Total:  Sp-01, Sp02, 2x SP-05

Now these cards are actually pretty cool.  They are on acetate and are sort of see-thru.  These scans really don't do them justice.  One note: I pulled 3 of these in 3 concurrent packs, but the 3 I got were all the same card.  Q.C. or sorting issue probably and it wasn't the only one.

Gold card - 1:12 packs 9 cards total 8/9 88.89% complete

Pulled: 8 cards
Extras: 3 total:  GC-01, 5x GC-03, GC04
Need: 1 Cards: GC-07

These cards I really didn't like.  They are a gold foiled card with dimples and the face of the character sort of imposed on it.  Some of them show really well, but others, not so much.

Silver card - 1:12 packs  9 cards total 8/9 88.89% complete

Pulled: 8 cards
Extras: 3 Total: Sc-03,05,06 x2, 07 x3
Need: 4 Card: SC- 04

Same as the gold but in silver. These are really hard to see and my least favorite of the insert cards. 

Metal Collection card - 1:6 packs 27 cards total 20/27 74.07% complete

Pulled: 16 cards
Extras: 3 cards: MC- 04, 3X 14, 2X 17, 19, 25
Need: MC-03, 10, 11, 13, 16, 22, 24

These cards are O.K. ish  They have a silver foil background with a colored pic of the character in front.  While they are sort of cool, the chromium has them beat hands down.

Normal Cards: 189 cards COMPLETE!!!!
Pulled: A crap Load.
Extras: Enough to throw them on the bed and roll around in naked!! Not that I did it. My Wife stopped me. Chucks:( My Life Is SO Unfair!!!

Now the set is broken up into subsets. The first sub set is a pic of the characters face up close. The characters are Optimus, Sentinel Prime, Bumblebee, Megatron, Shockwave, and the checklist. Here is a sample of Optimus:

On the back of each card there is a drawing of the bot or con, and I have to say the background art looks better to me than the front.  Here is a sample:

I like the puzzle Idea I really do but considering that most of the tf's faces from the movie look like bionicles so I am not really feeling them. The checklist cards do have a team photo in front of them but considering I need 3 checklist cards it kinda defeats the purpose. That and why would they make freaking checklist cards hard to get is beyond me.

Next Subset is Autobots and Decepticon Team sets:

Now at first I was confused because Skids, Mudflap, Jetfire, and Arcee were not in DOTM. Why not add the Wreckers? Well that was later answered with the next subset. 

Next Subset is The movie Sets from the first 2 movies. 

These show scenes from Transformers and ROTF. These look cool as they have a 35 mm film look.

Next Subset is the Pencil Art set. 

These cards really pop in my opinion.  They have pencil artwork on a sepia background. They look really crisp and clean. On back are colored pictures of the art in front.

Next up is the line art set, which really should have been called the animated set.

These cards have a Transformers Animated feel to them. They look really funky. Yet Cool.

The next subset is the Vehicle Art cards.

Transformers Kre-O 4-In-1 Battle For Energon Set By Hasbro (Google Affiliate Ad)

I didn't bother scanning them because they are stupid. They show a picture of whatever GMC car the bots turned into in the movie at a couple of different angles. To be honest, I didn't want to give free advertising to GMC so   No Scan For You!

Next subset up is the character connect cards. Characters used were Optimus Prime in power-up mode, Devastator, Arcee with Sideswipe, Megs, Starscream with Shockwave, Prime with Sentinel, BB, Ratchet, and Ironhide:

Basically it's a poster card set, but on back, no cool character art.  Just the whole pic in a grid to show you where that exact card goes in the 9 card pic.


OK I have to say the cards look cool for the most part.  I did notice one thing; they put a lot of doubles on some cards and only 1 copy on some others.  On the special cards, 3 of the same card in 3 packs stacked right on top of another is kind of bad.  Then there was the second box.  The cards are divided into two stacks.  The stack on the right had no special inserts at all, yet the stack on the left had them all.  That is really bad sorting.  I really like the acetate cards, too dang cool!  I would recommend the cards if you can get them cheap enough. But be aware you will probably need to buy 3 or more boxes to even get the base set. Oh, and if anyone has any of the cards I need, let me know.  I would be willing to trade you for them!