Saturday, January 5, 2013

Transformers Generations GDO Swerve

First and Foremost THANK YOU mrTFPrime!!!

Ok folk todays review will cover Transformers Generations Swerve. I got this figure from a contest run by mrTFPrime. You can visit him on youtube.

Generations Swerve or GDO as someone corrected me is a red repaint/retool of generations Kup. He is available only through toysRus here in the states. You could have also ordered him at a higher price point from bbts but they have sold out and to be honest $30 for a Deluxe figure is crazy nuts.

Now I would like to say that this retool is based off an earlier Swerve figure, But I have no idea who. The other Swerve figures were way different vehicles and the G1 version doesn't fit this aesthetic. The face is also  very different from the prior versions.  Swerve's Bio:
Swerve is a genius, but you wouldn't know it to watch him drive. He's often so preoccupied by the analysis of whatever material he's been given that he completely loses track of where or where he is going.When he's working on a tough problem, it's not uncommon for him to wander aimlessly into the middle of a battle.

Strength-6 Rank-6
Intelligence-8 Courage-7
Speed-6 Fireblast-2
Endurance -8 Skill-7

Vehicle Mode:
Swerve is a red and Black Pickup Truck.
The colors look slightly better for this vehicle then the funky green they used on Kup.

The Bottom of his feet form a white bed liner which helps this vehicles over all look. It does roll freely and the weapon is nicely hidden as his tail pipe.

Robot Mode:

This figure is well the Kup figure recolored so there is no new articulation added to the guy. He does have a new head:

The red white and black look really good on this figure. He definitely feels different then Kup.


Swerve comes with the same long barrel Sniper looking weapon kup came with. The weapon does become his tail pipe in vehicle mode:

And It allows the figure to be posed in a variety of ways:



This figure is a must have* A must have at regular prices. At the $16 he is at TRU he's just about the right price. At the $30 asked on some Online Retailers he is grossly over priced. Almost Botcon (I think my toys are the best thing since electricity) Overpriced. he's a cool little figure to have and a must for all transfans.