Thursday, January 24, 2013

Titanium G1 Ultra Magnus

In the Transformers World, there are those few releases that for some reason sky rocket in price. Be they store exclusives or even the end of a line that was just released in low numbers.  Some that come to mind are Rotf Leader Jetfire and Shadow Megatron.  Today we review one of these "Holy Grails", Ultra Magnus G1 version.

Magnus is a Generation 1 inspired late run released figure from the Transformers Titanium line. For those who don't know, the Titanium Line was Hasbro's failed attempt to make these figures more similar to G1 by adding die cast parts. They did make the figures heavier. But Hasbro added these unecessary metal parts while sacrificing the quality of the figures overall.  Let's find out if Ultra Magnus is an exception to the rule.

Vehicle Mode 
       Ultra Magnus is a car carrier with a white cab and a slightly powder coated light baby blue trailer.  Like its G1 counterpart, you can add his "missile launchers" to the front of its trailer.  While the vehicle looks cool, it doesn't function TOO well. Well actually NOT at all.  The front cab is slightly angled forward, making it look awkward. The top level of his trailer does not reach the back end of the trailer, so it just hangs there with no real support.  The back of the trailer does not snap together and tends to split apart. Even after the original owner modified the posts so that they would hold better. The Titanium line seems to have a very bad habit of attempting to make one mode looks good while letting the other mode fall flat. Epic fail all around for this vehicle.


Magnus comes with 2 missile "launchers" and a gun.  They all look similar to their G1 counterparts, unfortunately, they have their issues also. The launchers can bee added to the trailer and are right side up in vehicle mode, but upside down in robot mode. His gun, while grey instead of of the G1 versions white, has a handle that is too skinny and falls out of his hand.  So this is a fail on these too.


  Now I have to say this has the whole G1 feel locked down but again it has its issues.  First due to the transformation, it has an empty back that shows bad. While ok if you plan to use it as a pencil holder, it takes away from the figure overall. Then, there are the arms the fragging schtinkin arms. The arms are placed so far back on the figure that when it is raised forward, only the hand and front forearm go beyond the chest of the robot. Add to the fact that there is no articulation in said arms or heck much of the figure to be honest and you have another fail.  Which seem to be adding up.


  Have you ever seen that awesome sports car at the dealership, That you just Need to have. The one with the huge price tag that you save money to buy. You save months and months for it. You Finally Get it in your hand and it turns out to be a total lemon that blows its engine on its first drive. Or better yet, that girl/guy that's oh so hot and it takes you months to get the courage to ask them out. Then you discover that they are bat shit crazy and stalk you for Months/years. Well either analogy fits this piece of turd.  When I saw this figure being sold on facebook for a cheap price, it made me want it. I figured it had to be a mistake because on Ebay they were priced at a $100 plus.  So I happily purchase away thinking I had hit the jackpot.  Man was I so wrong!  Hasbro really dropped the ball on this figure.  Heck, honestly, the whole line was a fail. It really makes me wonder who designed this junk and if his/her momma slapped them afterwards in disgust. This figure is just that bad.  I can not recommend this figure to anyone, ever. So stay AWAY from this Unholy Grail!! Unless you want a very expensive Pencil Holder

WHAT The hell is in my Back?!? Is that some sort of growth?!!!