Saturday, December 15, 2012

Transformers Generations Megatron


First off I want to thank my son Sam for taking the pics on these. Great Job son. Here's my review on T.F. Generations Megatron. Megatron is an Asian market and Toys"R"Us-exclusive recolored retooled version of Revenge of the Fallen Voyager Class Bludgeon. He is color scheme is based
off G2 Megatron ,but I think he looks more vibrant yet sinister at the same time. His Bio and stats are :

 Power is all that matters to Megatron. It is his means, his motive, and his goal. It is the Core to his being. His every thought is only of how the might of his armies can bring even more power into his hands.

Vehicle Mode

Megatron is a lime green tank based off a Type 90 Kyū-maru. YES FOLKS A BRIGHT LIME GREEN with BRIGHT red orange squares. Now while this tank would never ever, Ever  -Ever, Sorry Ms. Jackson,  Never be used in a real military battle. Its too bright and would make it an easy spotted target. And what makes it more confusing is the fact that the squares would look find with out the big orange color Hmmmmm (Stop Smoking the Whackyweed, Its not good for you or the transformer colors you come up with). The Tank does look very powerful and has missile Launchers and a gun on top. Now I am going to call that a water cannon mostly cause mined arrived warped and is slightly angled now. And probably wouldn't work so well if uh bullets were fired from it. Just saying. This is not something you can notice while the Figure is still packaged so I am stuck with mine.

This is where this figure excels. Megatron has a Samurai don't screw with me feel to him. Especially if you leave the sword in the scabbard. Now the one Problem I do still have with the figure is the Little Sad Alien (that haunts my Nightmares) dudes face that is Megatron's chest plate. Wait, What you don't see it? Oh ok here is the sad dude now:

Aww look at those big Grey eyes and frown On that poor Purple guy. 
Someone blow his Large Nose. 

I bet you will see that alien on yours now toooooo. Megatron does come with a new head which does have that G2 feel.
He's even smirking as he thinks up a new plan that will surely fail. Now This guy is shock full of articulation as can be seen on some of these photos:

His arms can rotate a full 360 and due to his transformation his upper arms can move in and out. Elbows and knees move up and down or would it be in and out hmmmmm . Head Left to right. Now there is the issue of the feet. The feet are angled, so when standing, his legs have to be pushed out a little to make the feet sit straight. But its workable.

Megatron comes with 2 swords.
As expected the Larger sword is of course warped. That was a given because the original figure had a warped sword and now this one does too . Now what caught me by surprise was the smaller sword. At first I thought it was a different sword. But when I took a longer look its the same sword just warped.
I guess this figure went through a lot of heat during transport. That's the only explanation that would explain this sword and the warped gun on his tank turret. Both are made of the same material so that is what I think happened. And to be honest I prefer the new shape of the smaller sword.

Ok final thoughts: This guy is awesome. I really like the mold. Now there was the warp issue and the inability to notice it while packaged, but I think they are workable. Its worth the $25. Now if only it wasn't a TRUE Exclusive. Why do I say that well TRUE is known to be the hunting ground for scalpers and these figures suffered that fate. It took too long to actually find them. Thanks for reading and remember: