Sunday, July 24, 2011

Serious Discussions Toys or Family

 So today I had a person Im me about transformers. As usual I answered and talked to this guy for a while. He told me how he collected Transformers for years and that he is becoming a Priest. Now before he had a chance to start talking religion I told him that I have a strict policy of not Talking Religion or Politics. I consider it HOT Topics and would rather not be involved in those topics. So he said ok and then went on talking and how his Family was very poor and that they struggled from month to month due to his job choice.

 Now He had shown me pics of his collection Earlier and it was a large collection. So the first thing that came to my mind was sell that collection to have money for his Family. So I foolishly told him that. I said hey if you are as broke as you say: Barely paying rent, going to ask for food at the food bank, etc... Why not sell your toys to get ahead. His answer surprised me:

"I would but they aren't selling as high as they should on Ebay."

Now this answer surprised me for 2 reasons.
1. Why should it matter if they aren't selling as high on Ebay? Shouldn't you just be happy with any amount that you can get as long as it helps your family?
2. And isn't that way of thinking being a little greedy?

Now I am not a Perfect man and I would never assume that but the way I see things is way different. If my Family is in great need or heck in need I would start selling my collections with no hesitation. Now I may sell the Movie Junk before my G1 stuff but they would all be eventually sold. Am I wrong in my thinking? So now I have to ask would you folks sell your stuff to help out your family? Would it matter what they sold for? Or am I just old fashioned in thinking that my Family comes first over my obsessions.