Monday, October 3, 2011

My Life as a diabetic Pt 2

Ok so in the last post I started talking about my new Life as a diabetic. Well after the hospital incident my Wife started controlling my diet even more. We switched to more diet type products and I tried to walk more and exercise. None and I do Mean NONE of it worked. My sugar testing were constantly Hi or in the 580 range. Add that to the fact that no Doctor in Portland tx or Corpus Christi Tx will see you without insurance and it made for a deadly combination. I did not know where to turn. I tried different "Programs" that are there to "Help" you. None of them would help me since I was 1. Male and 2. Not living in the streets. Yes folks I wrote it I was told no help because I am a Man. Well as I was talking to my sister she gave me some info that may have saved my life. She told me that the state gives medicaid to low income families and adults like me. So I applied. And got denied. so I fought it and I got denied. So I fought it again and finally got approved. So to folks I say keep trying to get that help it will eventually come. Well as probably many of you know Medicaid is very Limited on Doctor selection.

 Add the fact that in my Town there is only 1 Doctor it made the situation worse. I had to go to a Doctor in the next town over. I choose Dr James Mobley

Medical Arts Clinic Mobley James A MD
2413 Memorial Parkway Portland TX 78374-3209(361) 643-4546 ‎

I choose Mobley well because he was the only doctor in Portland that would take medicaid. TO THIS DAY I HAVE NEVER MET DR. MOBLEY. Never Ever?!?! NEVER EVER. I have met his Doctor's assistant Donna. Donna is the only I guess medical person I have seen in that office. Donna Treats me well and listens something a lot of doctors don't do anymore. Donna ordered a bunch of tests and blood work. She then told the Office staff to take care of other things I needed. I learned right there that the Office Staff at Mobley's office is Terrible. Why you may ask. They did none of the request that Donna asked them to take care of. NONE. I tried making a complaint about it to Dr. Mobley and he told me over the phone that if I wanted I could go somewhere else. Never apologized just a "If you want you can leave" comment. So I did. I went to the only Doctor in Taft. Over all Dr. Mobley comes off as a Jerk. He knows he is the only Doctor in Portland and doesn't care about the Patient. Heck I am sure he charges medicaid for a "DOCTORS" visit even though technically I have never seen a Doctor. And while I was forced to eventually go back to that office I can honestly say it isn't because of Doctor Mobleys great attitude and service. Its because I have to and Donna is a decent MA. Next time I will talk about the Great Doctor in the City of Taft. In case you are wondering yes I was lying on that last statement.