Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My Life as a Diabetic.

I found out I was Diabetic last year.
This is the story of that day. I was having trouble seeing clearly and was shaking a lot. I was also always angry. That and I was under a lot of stress. My Wife had bought a diabetic testing machine from the Local HEB. To this day I don't know why she had bought it but it may have saved my Life. When my sugar was tested all the Machine would state was HI. I had myself tested 3 times all 3 times HI.  I later found out that high means that the sugar content was so high the meter could not read it.

My wife decided to take me to the Taft EMS office which is at 331 Green Ave Taft, TX 78390-2707. Phone. (361) 528-5035. Fax. (361) 528-5064. 
When we got there we were told that they could do nothing for me. That they couldn't help me at all. In my mind I was thinking so what use are they? They then stated that it was best if I went to the Hospital. When I asked where they stated there's one in Corpus Christi and one in Aransas Pass. When I asked for address the didn't know just where about they were located. Made me fear ever calling them if my Life is in Danger. Oh wait it was. Whoops.

So then my wife decided to take me to the Hospital in Aransas Pass. At that time it was called North Bay Hospital. It is now called Care Regional Medical Center 1711 West Wheeler Avenue, Aransas Pass, TX 78336 (361) 758-8585 ‎. If you follow the Link and read the reviews you will find out it is not a good hospital at all. 

Now I did not have insurance at the time. But I used to be a medical worker so I know the rules. One such rule forced this hospital to take me as a Patient. That rule is once a Person is in the hospital requesting service that hospital cannot legally refuse that patient service. Thats why alot of hospitals ask Ems drivers if patients have insurance before they get a certain distance from the hospital. That way if they have no insurance they can "ReDirect" the ems to another Hospital. Now why did I bring this up you ask? Simple:
The Nurse in the Er tried to send me to another Hospital. When I brought up this Tidbit she made an angry face and gave me Paperwork to fill out.

So I then began the wait. The horrid 4 hr wait time. I saw the change of shift. I saw the staff laughing and joking around and having fun. All while My wife and I sat there with my Sugar HI. I was then finally called in. And the first thing they ask is for a urine test to check me for Drugs. Hmmm I am wondering if I look like a crack head now as that seems to be the main question I am asked when ever I go to doctors. I guess they assume everyone but them must be on Drugs. I guess noone in their eyes are sick just drug addicts. Well after they tested my urine they found sugar in it. They then took 8 vials of blood. They then found the high sugar in my system.

I guess that was enough for them not to see me as a Drug fiend.

So they started treating me they gave me insulin. I waited another hr they tested me again and I was at HI. So they Gave me more insulin. Another hr and I was at 589. Just for info sake 600 is where a meter stops reading. The doctor then asked the nurses to find me a room. The nurse no insurance. The doctor then came to my bedside and said well you are good enough to leave. Here's a script for metformins. Contact your family physician. Ahh the power of NO INSURANCE. I later found out that even at 589 I could have fallen into a diabetic coma and even die. Gotta love hospitals.

We then drove home and my whole life started to change. Heck the whole life of my family changed. But more on that later.

At first I was confused as to why I was Diabetic. I know it runs in my family but I watch what I eat and stay away from Mexican Food in General. Mexican food is a rich food full of grease and fat. I eat a lot of Baked foods. I later read that stress and genes have alot to do with it too. So if Diabetes runs in your family please get tested. Next time the months following the big day.