Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Why Transformers

 Ah The question I am always asked. Why Transformers? Well to you I say Blame my Mom. Many many moons ago actually back on Christmas Day 1985 my Mom started me on My obsessive path of collecting Transformers. On that Day she Gave me The Evil Decepticon Jet Thundercracker. For those of you who don't know he is a Blue F-15 Eagle Fighter Jet. The weeks following Christmas day were spent outside. Running around with thundercracker in my hand flying (with help of course) and attacking the dog and the family station wagon. And I have to say he was a great warrior as he won all his battles. But what made me the happiest was when he would transform and attack my Brothers G.I. Joes. We would play for hours. Eventually coming to a stalemate every battle. I still has Thundercracker to this day. He may be a little loose and have some wear. But He still reminds me of how 1 toy created a love for a toy line that is still with me today. And Mom If I never told you thanks for My Favorite Toy EVER.